Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

So last week we got hit with a horrible ice storm and lots of power outages.  Then yesterday about 1pm it started snowing and it is now 10am and it hasn't stopped yet.  We have at least 8 inches--probably more.  And guess what?  Another storm is supposed to start dropping a foot of snow starting tomorrow morning.  Mother Nature is really putting a damper on my plans.  Two Fridays in a row London and I were planning on meeting up with friends that haven't met him yet and we had to cancel.  Today we were going to meet another friend who hasn't met him and I can't see that happening.  Also, I was going to finish Christmas shopping this morning and at 2:30 today I am redeeming a spa gift certificate.  I am REALLY hoping I can still make it to the spa.  I feel badly for the merchants having to deal with the two weekends before Christmas being affected by the weather.

On a more positive note, it is absolutely beautiful out there.  It is so nice to be snuggled up under a blanket in my warm and cozy house and look out at the snowy scenery.  I'm also almost done with gift wrapping---snowy days are good for gift wrapping.  

I hope you are safe and warm and snugly on this wintry day. 

Monday, December 15, 2008


Life is getting back to normal in our area.  There are till 50,000+ people without power and some school districts are still closed.  But, for the most part the ice is melting and life is normalizing.  It was actually really warn today--over 50! 

So, today while waiting at my chiropractor's office it suddenly dawned on me---Christmas is next week!  NEXT WEEK!!!  When did that happen??  I am in disbelief!  I have more shopping to do and I haven't wrapped a single gift.  

I only planned on one knitted gift this year.  I was hoping for more, but I only planned on one.  Well, the problem is my parents still don't have electricity and my mother has been staying with us since Friday.  Guess who the knitted gift is for.  Right!  Ugh!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice Storm

So, our corner of the world had a horrible ice storm Thursday into Friday.  We are very fortunate.  There are "state of emergency"-s in many of the towns and counties very close to us.  There are 200,000 people in our area without power.  We have only had brief power interruptions.  Very, very fortunate.  My parents have been staying with us while they wait for their power to return.  According to the weather forecast, it will be awhile before we thaw out.

We are also very fortunate because we were able to see 4 friends today who we haven't seen since October 2007.  It was a wonderful day and London greatly enjoyed meeting them.

I am feeling blessed!!!  It is a wonderful place to be!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New Winter Knitty

The new winter Knitty is up and man am I loving it!  I took a quick look through the patterns, but I need to give them a better look when I have more time.  I have to say I love, love, love the fish hat.  I really wish there was more time before Christmas because my brother's three children would LOVE it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Organizing and a Cowl

I have been de-cluttering and organizing.  

My craft room ends up being a catch-all for the whole house.  You know the drill . . . wrapping paper, gift boxes, off season clothes, out grown baby clothes, early Christmas present purchases, the doll house my great aunt made in hopes that one day I would have a little girl to enjoy it.  Ya know how it goes.  Then, there is the craft stuff . . . sewing machine, yarn, fabric remnants, yarn, WIPs, yarn, a bit of roving, yarn, knitting needles, yarn, books, yarn, magazines, yarn and more yarn.  It is also the guest room on the rare occasion that we have an overnight guest.  I have surrendered to the fact that it is what it is, but it will be organized and look decent if it kills me!!!

I have purchased a metal shelving unit and rubbermaid bins to store my yarn.  So, I have sorted through most of my yarn.  I enjoyed petting my collection of fiber and dreaming about which project would make the yarn really sing.  I also sorted through my knitting needles.  It is unbelievable how many needles I have.  Very few of them are repeats.  Amazing!

I ripped out 2 of my long standing projects that I am not interested in finishing.  I've finally given myself permission to rip out what I don't like.  Yea!!

I took a class last Monday at Saratoga Needle Arts on Cat Bordhi's Moebius Cowl.  The cast on took a little bit to figure it out, but once I got it man was it fun!!  I am almost finished.  Talk about a quick knit!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A long, long time ago . . .

Once upon a time a knitter who loved Socks that Rock started reading a blog by another knitter who loved Socks that Rocks.  Princess Irish Girlie lived in a far, far away land called The West Coast.  The West Coast was a fun land.  The people of The West Coast loved to dine on cupcakes and dance the belly dance.  Princess Irish Girlie was a very generous princess.  She was always knitting things for Sir Snowboarder and Lord Lil' Guy.  Princess Irish Girlie even held contests and gave wonderful gifts to strangers.

In the land of The West Coast, the people love to measure their chickens.

Princess Irish Girlie wanted the knitter of The East Coast to be able to measure her chickens, too.   So, a beautiful and fun chicken measurer was gifted.

Princess Irish Girlie also wanted to share with the knitter of The East Coast the wonderful custom of rocking their socks. 

Thanks to the generous Princess Irish Girlie, the knitter of The East Coast learned the joys of measuring chickens and rocking her socks and she lived happily ever after.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Halloween

Two of my favorite Halloween pics.  

I hope you don't get tired of baby pics.  I don't think I will ever tire of posting them.  

Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Project!

I took a class from my LYS last Monday.  It is the Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  Cat Bordhi is simply amazing.  I can't even begin to think about how her brain works.  I have had this book since shortly after it came out.  I have been waiting for a class because it seemed a little much to figure out on my own.  I am hoping one class will help me understand the basics of the book and then I can apply those concepts to any pattern.  I hope! :) 

The book is divided into the basic sock architectures.  You first knit a baby sock to practice that sock architecture technique and then you knit adult size socks.  

I am knitting the Little Sky as my learning sock on size 5 (dpn) needles with Mountain Colors left over from my very first pair of socks.  We needed to be ready to start the heel at the next class and I am all ready!

Then, I am knitting the Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks (which needs a nickname because man, that's a lot to type!) on size ones (2 circs) with Lorna's Laces Black Pearl.  This is my first time using Lorna's Laces.  The colors are gorgeous and I can't wait to see how it knits up.  I have completed my cast on and one row.

This is a pretty cool way to kit socks---both London and I will end up with a pair!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


We interrupt this Rhinebeck recap to bring you a Finished Object.

I present to you the Baby Surprise Jacket made in Cascade 220 Superwash.

It is big on him, so it will be good for next winter.  Isn't it amazing how this blob of knitting turns into a sweater???

You can see how it folds up by focusing on the darker blue stripe.  Simply amazing!

I have yet to sew on the little sheep buttons from Rhinebeck.  I have a year to get them on.  :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you America!  

Thank you for getting out and voting, to ending apathy, and for letting politicians know how you feel about the current state of our union.  

Thank you for learning from our mistakes as a nation and refusing to repeat them.

Thank you for setting an example that every child born in our country can truly dream big and be whatever they want to be.  

I have never been so proud to be an American as I am at this moment!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rhinebeck Part 2: The BMFA Edition

I love Blue Moon Fiber Arts!  It is even worth the super long, but super friendly line at The Fold.

Here is Lunasea in Leticia.  I've never kit with it.  It is a super bulky wool that is destined to be some sort of hat for me.
This is a close up of Nyame Silkie Socks that Rock.  I'm not sure what its destiny is.
Some gorgeous Mochaberry in Socks that Rock Heavyweight.
Rare Gems in Silkie Socks That Rock.
I was REALLY hoping to find a Sock Monkey kit and I did!  It is enough to make one big and one small one.  I know the purple-y color is Thistle, but I'm not sure what the other one is.
If you can believe it, I still have more BMFA for another post.  I have lots of WIP and even a FO to update you on, too!!

I hope you had a great and safe Halloween.  Ours was low-key and fun.  Today we are heading to an indoor water park.  I can't wait to see London enjoying the water!  Have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rhinebeck Part 1

Rhinebeck was wonderful!!  I am sure you are shocked!!! :)

London and I posed with a very friendly sheep.  London was VERY brave and studied her carefully.

I bought a needle felting kit for my niece for Christmas.  I also bought two pumpkin kits for myself.

I bought these super cute sheep buttons for London's BSJ.

In another post, I'll reveal my Blue Moon stash enhancement.  I also have a BSJ updates for you!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rhinebeck Here I Come

It is Rhinebeck Eve!  I can hardly wait!!

My husband, baby, mother and I will be taking the journey down the thruway to the fiber mecca.  I am soooo very excited!!!  It will be my mother and son's first time.  Unless you count last year when I was 7 months pregnant.

I hope to be there before 9am when the gates open.  Then, of course a straight b-line to The Fold and Socks that Rock.  I am contemplating purchasing yarn for Lindin from Green Mountain Spinnery.  I also am interested in a felted pumpkin kit and matching super soft yarn and fleece for thrummed mittens.  I can't wait to see those sheep herding dogs and London's reaction to all of the animals.  It will be a great day!!!!!

I seamed up and wove in the ends on London's Baby Surprise Jacket.  I didn't add the buttons yet.  It will probably be huge on him this year.  I think he will still wear it tomorrow---kind of like a blanket with sleeves.  So if you see a baby in a blue and green striped BSJ and an Itty Bitty football hat be sure to say hello!  I think I'll be sporting my Socks that Rock Chevron Scarf.

I'm off to dream of fiber---nighty night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Bee!

Or should I say busy beading?  I've made three sets of wine glass charms and I will also make some ribbon bookmarks that are embellished with beads.  This is the first time I have done either project and so far so good!  

I am going to promote my private practice at a human services professionals conference on Friday, so I thought I would bring some crafty items to sell as well.  I also wanted to get them into my mother's retail business before the holidays.

London had his first teething biscuit tonight.  We had a hard time finding a dairy-free kind and my parents discovered one over the weekend. 

He loved, loved, loved it!
Can you tell???

Monday, October 06, 2008

Seriously Cute!

London attracted much attention on Saturday at the Hildene Art and Craft Show in Manchester, Vermont!  He is holding his Christmas present from his Grandma (he'll forget and think it is brand new on Christmas morning!).  A very nice stranger took pictures of him loving his new book because the author thought he was so cute and wanted to put him on her new website.   Luckily, she emailed them to us because both Mommy and Grandma forgot their cameras.

I know I am biased, but I think he is a cutie.  All day people complimented him on his hat.  I made it for his coming home outfit from Susan B Anderson's Itty Bitty Hats.  The Yankees jacket got a lot of attention, too!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Stroke of Luck!

So, yesterday I came home to my Socks that Rock Club package.  Always a very exciting day!!  

I immediatly noticed that the postal bag/envelope that it is always mailed in was open.  Upon closer inspection I realized that it had been cut open.  Odd.  I asked my husband if he opened it and he hadn't--not that I can imagine why he would want to.  Then I suddenly realized that my yarn could have fallen out if it was mailed with the envelope open.  Luckily everything is accounted for.  

Talk about a serious stroke of luck!  It had been traveling across the US and literally open.  It was sealed by the BMFA people but I am guessing during the mailing process it must have been accidentally cut open.  My husband has dealt with the post office and large mailings and he said sometime they bundle mass mailings together with plastic wrap and it could have been sliced with a box cutter in the process or wrapping the palette.

Knowing how amazingly wonderful the Blue Moon Fiber Arts people are they probably have insurance on it or would have been able to replace it.  But, I am very glad we didn't have to go that route!

The pattern and colorway are amazing!  The pattern represents something in real life and the likeness is astounding.  How do they do it???

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lots of WIPs

Here is a pic from a recent weekend away for a wedding.  This is Chautaqua Lake, NY on a cloudy damp day.

What else is new?  I always have lots of WIPs! :)

Last night I took a class at Saratoga Needle Arts for Thrummed Mittens.  I did not enjoy the "thrumming" part at all.  I looked around the Internet a little bit this morning and will continue to look.  I'm hoping that someone will say something that will make it click for me, it will be easier, and I will suddenly love it.  We'll see!

My Baby Surprise Jacket has been on the needles since June.  It is pretty close to being finished so I have picked it up again.  Hopefully it will fit London this season, so I need to get a move on!

Also, my Christmas stocking is almost done.  I have finished all of the knitting.  I have one letter duplicate stitched and I have five more letters to do.  I have to weave in all the ends--which will take forever!--and darn where there were three color changes at the gusset.

The Clapotis is still getting some inconsistent attention.

I'm off to catch up on my DVRed Dancing with the Stars while knitting BSJ.  Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Darn Teeth!

The poor thing is cutting a top tooth.  Not so good for the usually happy mood.  But, it doesn't interfere with the "raspberries".

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where did the summer go?

OK, so how did it get to be Labor Day weekend?

We have been spending a lot of time practicing our "raspberry" skills with and without tongue.

I spent a chunk of the day loading a bunch of my stash yarn into ravelry.  Most of it is for trade/sell.  If anything looks appealing, please let me know!

I've done some knitting on London's Christmas stocking and my Clapotis.  I am delusional and think I will have my Clapotis done in time to wear to a wedding on Saturday night.  Exactly one week away.  I am less than half way through part 2.  Yes, I know I am delusional.  But somehow I think it will be accomplished.  I feel like I am channeling the Yarn Harlot and her delusional deadline knitting.  :)

Happy and safe Labor Day!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Here are the promised pictures! :)

This is my son's EZ Baby Surprise Jacket.  I fibonachi striped some Cascade 220 Superwash.  He also has a crocheted stroller blanket that shares three of these colors.

This is the start of the Itty Bitty Hats Sailboat Hat.  Very cute.

Close up of my Clapotis.  I love, love, love this yarn.  Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Seduction in Puck's Mischeif.  YUM.

London's Christmas Stocking.  I have been working on this.

London's Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting.  This isn't part of my WIP Wrestling, but I thought I would take a pic as long as I was updating my WIPs.
Alright, back to knitting Christmas Trees and watching all of those naked, wet bodies . . . I mean men's swimming.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ravelympics: Day 2

So I'm sure you have heard about the Ravelympics.  The oh so wonderful Ravelry is featuring a fun knit-along.  Each participant chooses their project and their team and works on their project during the Olympics.  So, I have decided to attack my WIPs.  

My event: Wrestling with WIPs  
My Team: Hopelessly Overcommitted

I have chosen many projects.  Although I am not planning on finishing all of them, I would like to make some serious progress.

My first project is the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty.  This is a birthday present for my dad.  Two days late already.  Well, actually I wrapped it up for him while it was still on the needles and then took it back to finish it.  I decided to knit the handles, but I goofed.  They are all lopsided.  I have been looking around Ravelry to get some more ideas.  Why didn't I do that first???  Anyhow I have an idea of how to fix.  I am still going to consider it done.  Maybe it will just be done again when I add handles and finish it again.  heeheehee
Goal: Finish
Status: Done!
Medal: Gold!!

I am finishing a pair for myself.  One is all done and the second is started.  
Goal: Finish

I have to finish knitting one handle and then assemble it all.  
Goal: Finish

This is a very long shot.  I have a lot to do.  I have just started the dropping stitches section.
Goal: make some progress

This is a long shot.  It is less than half done.
Goal: make some progress

I am about half way done with the actual hat.  I have not started the sail boat yet.
Goal: Finish

7. London's Christmas Stocking

I am taking a class for this.  There are three classes all together.  I went to the first one, missed the second one because I was sick, and the third class is coming up.  My goal is to knit as far as I can.  If I get stuck then I will put it aside and wait for the class.  But, if I know what I am doing then I want to finish it.  Then, at the class I can learn how to duplicate stitch his name on the top of it.
Goal: knit until I get stuck or finish all but duplicate stitch

I have more than half of the sweater knitting done.  Also, it will need to be seamed up and buttons sewn on.  This will probably fit him for the fall so the pressure is on!
Goal: Finish

I intended to upload all of the photos of my WIPs that I took this morning.  Unfortunately, as usual I can't find the camera cord.  Where does this thing go?  It is always missing.  I swear.   So, I'm going to post this and hopefully I will be editing it later with pics.

Friday, August 01, 2008

I think I'm in LOVE!!!

Have you heard about Twist Collective?  It is an Internet magazine that is going about everything in a totally new way.  Revolutionary!  Go check it out.  You will not be disappointed!

I am completely and totally in love with Linden by Veronik Avery.  It is a beautifully swingy cardigan with a cabled edge.  GORGEOUS!!  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!  I have already queued it on Ravelry.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rough Week


It has been a rough week.  

Last Wednesday night while I was making bottles, the dog wanted to go out.  So, I turned and ran right into the highchair.  Man, I saw stars!  My two smallest toes jammed into my foot.  Then, while limping around, I have come down with the colds of all colds.  It is awful.  So, I am going to go back to nursing my cold and my foot and hoping that the baby doesn't catch my cold.  

I'll be back soon with some exciting new stash acquisitions!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Itty Bitty Football Hat

Another Itty Bitty hat.  Oh, how I LOVE these hats!!  Susan B. Anderson is awesome, awesome, awesome.  This is London in his coming home outfit on the day he left the hospital.  I also made the Upside Down Daisy hat in case he was a she.  Once he was a little bit bigger and the hat was just a tiny bit big on him, he would turn his head and the hat would stay still but his head would move inside of the hat.  It was very funny to watch!  Then eventually the ear flap would end up over his face and he would whimper until we fixed it for him.  Too cute!  

London's first tooth made an appearance on Monday.  Where does the time go?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home again, home again, ziggity zig!

I'm back!  

Man, California is VERY different from New York.  I loved it and brought back a little piece of California with me.  

I attended a MAGNIFICENT training and will be starting a private practice as a Life Coach!  I'm very excited!  I met many amazing people, learned in an honoring environment, and reconnected with a part of myself that I have not seen in a long time.  Perfection!  

With all that being said, it is also wonderful to be home.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Very Long Six Days

Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be going to California to attend a training.  I will be gone for six whole days.  This is a very long time when you are the mother of a seven month old.  I am a little excited and very anxious.  My husband and my parents will be taking excellent care of London.  I know that.  It is still hard to leave him.

What is EZ's quote about knitting through everything?  That will be my plan!  I'll get through it, with lots of knitting to show for it!  

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Lucky Day

I won a contest on Irish Girlie Knits blog!!  I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!  She asked readers to comment on their favorite things.  Go check out her very beautiful February Lady made in Socks That Rock heavyweight.  I am loving this sweater!

Something else I love is Susan B Anderson's Itty Bitty Hats.  I made several for my baby while I was pregnant.  In fact, his hospital pic is in the red and white candy cane striped hat.  The nurses oohed and ahhed over London's fashion sense.  I highly recommend these patterns for easy, quick, gorgeous hats that get tons of compliments.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remember me?

Well, it has been a year.  Exactly.  There has been a couple of changes in my life.  Just a couple.  But, those couple of changes have been completely life changing.

The most significant change is the birth of my son.

I can not begin to put into words what joy, purpose, meaning, gratitude, and contentment he brings to our lives every day.  London was born December 9th.  He is a wonderful blend of his father and I.  He has a tremendous sense of humor and is often entertaining us.  He is sweet and loves to snuggle.  And his parents are completely and totally in love with him!

Upon returning from maternity leave I accepted a promotion.  My OB/GYN literally asked me if I was crazy.  Yup.  I am.  Certifiable.  This particular position was exactly what I wanted and had been waiting for for several years.  Unfortunately, the timing was awful.  After four months or trying to juggle it all, I looked into some part time options and decided that 16-20 hours a week is manageable for my family at this time in our lives.  This week is my very first week working part-time and it is WONDERFUL!  I will also be going to a week long training next week in San Diego and starting my private practice.  My long term goal is to have my private practice and be able to work it around the needs of my family.  It is a huge leap of faith.  Exciting and frightening all at the same time.

My husband also started a new job in April.  His new job is everything he could possibly hope it would be.  He never gets called at home.  He has evenings, weekends, and holidays off.  He is in a virtually stress-free environment.  The company values its employees and makes sure that they know it.  The commute is a little longer and the pay is a little less.  But, the trade off is well worth it!  The change in my husband has been astronomical.

Everything has come together and we know how very, very fortunate we are.

Even though I haven't been blogging, I have been knitting.  I'll take some time over the next few blog posts to update you on my knitting.   That is, if anyone is still around! :)