Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Knitting Right Along . . .

Any ideas on the musical reference in the title? "Moving right along in search of good times and good news with good friends you can't loose, hitch hike, bus or yellow cab it . . . moving right along" If my memory serves me I quoted it right! :)

Anyhoo, I am working on my 2 socks on 2 circs for class. I have both heels done and need to knit 7 3/4" by class on Saturday in preparation for the toe decreases. I am between 3 and 4 inches.

Last night I started a baby hat from some left over sock yarn. I was soooo annoyed because it took me FOUR tries to join my knitting into a circle without twisting. It was really ridiculous! After the third time I literally screamed. The whole thing has bad karma/vibes/whatever. It is for my co-worker who is due next week. I had been asking for months if and when we were doing a baby shower at work and anyone I ever asked didn't know. Well, one day I asked and my supervisor said "Oh that was last Wednesday." I saw RED. I wasn't invited. I was supervised by this woman for over a year, I'm still under her and in her division, a group of us (including her and I) go out to dinner every month for two years, she has been to my home, etc, etc, etc. I was absolutely fuming and felt like such a jerk for not being there or at least sending a gift. Also, it was a surprise shower so it isn't like they consulted the guest of honor on who to invite. So, anyways I am having dinner with her on Thursday night and will explain to her then that I am sorry I wasn't there, but it couldn't have been helped. In the meantime I need to think really positive thoughts while knitting her gift because it is has had a REALLY rough start. :)

Oh, and my dogs . . . some days they are cuter than other days. Today they are very cute. :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Turkey Stupor

Portia and Bentley are recovering from the festivities.

Monday, November 20, 2006

My Other Craft

Last month I took a class and learned how to crochet with wire and beads. I made a necklace. Then, this month I learned to make earrings. My mother and I went to Bumble Beads in Ballston Spa and picked up a bunch of cool beads and stones. I matched the larger beads and stones to some little cheaper ones I had picked up at AC Moore and made a bunch of earrings.

Here are some really poorly lit pictures of my new craft. They look much better in person. It is a gloomy day and our house isn't very well lit to begin with. I really should re-take these pics with better light.

Some of the earrings I will keep and some I will give as Christmas presents. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


My knitting mojo is back!

Last night I watched the movie Shop Girl and finished my mother's Saratoga Shrug. It was meant to be a late Christmas present last year. My mother chose her gift and the yarn and I intentionally started it after Christmas. I hated working with one of the yarns so it was put on the very back burner. Well, now it is DONE and my mom will get it on Thanksgiving! :) Yea! I'll ask her to pose for pictures, too!

Then, I picked up my toe-up, Sock Candy sock and knit some more while finishing the movie.

This morning I completed the second heel on my 2 socks on 2 needles Cherry Tree Hill socks from my sock class. Now I need to knit about 7-8 inches and have them ready for the toe decreases for the next class in two weeks.

It feels good to be a productive knitter again!! :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


First of all--with much encouragement I finished my homework and learned short row heels in class today. They are great! Waaaaay better than flap heels!

Anyhoo . . . on to the crime scene discovered in our living room . . .

Notice--every toy is out and strewn about in addition to the shredded newspaper. Must have been quite a day!

The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime!

After a lengthy interrogation, Bentley plead the 5th and left. I'll let you be the judge!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thank you!

Thank you for your encouragement! After a very long 12 hour work day, it was so nice to come home to your three comments and positive thoughts! My weekend starts Friday and I will get some pics of the jewelry posted and I am going to go knit on my sick before bed! Thanks ladies!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Knitting Slump

Little knitting slump around here. I've been focusing on making beaded jewelery and doing some early Chirstmas shopping. I made 11 pairs of earrings and bought 7 presents! Anywhoo, I'm focusing on my sock for my class. Seven inches by Saturday and I have between 2 and 3. So much for my schedule! :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Two More Days of Annoying Phone Calls

Yes, I am a registered voter. Yes, I am planning on voting on Tuesday. Yes, I am SICK, SICK, SICK of these phone calls urging me to vote for a particular candidate!

First of all, both my husband and I are registered voters for the same party. Then why do they only call me? They ask for me by name, but never him. I don't understand.

Saturday I received 7 phone calls from 11am-6pm for the same candidate! Ridiculous! I interrupted the 7th caller and . . .

I said "Excuse me. This is the 7th phone call I have received for this candidate since 11am!"

Him "Oh my gawd!"

Me "That's one call an hour!"

Him "Oh my gawd!"

Me "Yes, and I am a registered *** and I am planning on voting for ***. But, I am getting fed up!"

Him "I'm really sorry."

Me "mmhmm"

Him in a quiet whisper "I'll take you off the list."

Me "Thank you!"

Sunday the calls didn't start until 1pm and I think we only got 2.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

WIP update

I want to get myself in the habit of, about once a month, listing my WIPs. OK, so here goes . . .

I am actively working on my 2 socks on 2 circular needles for my class. I am using Cherry Tree Hill yarn (from my stash!) for the first time. I like it! I want to do one inch per day. I have knit one inch and I need 7 inches before my next class on November 18th.

I am also actively working on my Wendy Knits toe up Sock Candy socks. I also want to knit an inch a day on these. I am learning short row heels in my sock class on the 14th and I want to be ready to do the heels on these when I come home from that class.

I am semi-actively working on my Debbie Bliss "Lara" sweater in purple Cashmerino Aran. Very yummy! This is my first sweater. I started this in a class last fall and put it down until about a month ago. It would be nice to be able to wear it this year.

The following projects I have not worked on at all for quite awhile:
  • shrug for my mom
  • baby sweater
  • cabled purse (with only one handle and finishing left!)
  • illusion knitting tote bag
  • 2 hand 2 color headband
  • cabled mittens
  • crocheted market bag (although I did work on this 2 weeks ago)

I think that is everything.

My game plan . . . after I finish these two pairs of socks I want to finish the shrug and purse. They are both pretty close to be doing done and I need to commit to them and finish! Of course, I want to keep Lara going, too.

I want to start some scarves for Christmas presents. I also want to knit a pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs for my husband for Christmas.

Yesterday, I saw an awesome felted bag at my LYS. One of the women that work there combined three patterns and she is in the process of writing it up. When she does, I want to use my stash to make it. It is like one of those oversized, weekend-type bags that have been in magazines a lot lately.