Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where did the summer go?

OK, so how did it get to be Labor Day weekend?

We have been spending a lot of time practicing our "raspberry" skills with and without tongue.

I spent a chunk of the day loading a bunch of my stash yarn into ravelry.  Most of it is for trade/sell.  If anything looks appealing, please let me know!

I've done some knitting on London's Christmas stocking and my Clapotis.  I am delusional and think I will have my Clapotis done in time to wear to a wedding on Saturday night.  Exactly one week away.  I am less than half way through part 2.  Yes, I know I am delusional.  But somehow I think it will be accomplished.  I feel like I am channeling the Yarn Harlot and her delusional deadline knitting.  :)

Happy and safe Labor Day!!


Amanda said...

well, stop sleeping, caring for your family, or eating, and you'll have that clapotis done in no time! ;-)

cutie raspberry picture, too! phphhhhbbbbbt!

Anonymous said...

London is a doll!