Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Organizing and a Cowl

I have been de-cluttering and organizing.  

My craft room ends up being a catch-all for the whole house.  You know the drill . . . wrapping paper, gift boxes, off season clothes, out grown baby clothes, early Christmas present purchases, the doll house my great aunt made in hopes that one day I would have a little girl to enjoy it.  Ya know how it goes.  Then, there is the craft stuff . . . sewing machine, yarn, fabric remnants, yarn, WIPs, yarn, a bit of roving, yarn, knitting needles, yarn, books, yarn, magazines, yarn and more yarn.  It is also the guest room on the rare occasion that we have an overnight guest.  I have surrendered to the fact that it is what it is, but it will be organized and look decent if it kills me!!!

I have purchased a metal shelving unit and rubbermaid bins to store my yarn.  So, I have sorted through most of my yarn.  I enjoyed petting my collection of fiber and dreaming about which project would make the yarn really sing.  I also sorted through my knitting needles.  It is unbelievable how many needles I have.  Very few of them are repeats.  Amazing!

I ripped out 2 of my long standing projects that I am not interested in finishing.  I've finally given myself permission to rip out what I don't like.  Yea!!

I took a class last Monday at Saratoga Needle Arts on Cat Bordhi's Moebius Cowl.  The cast on took a little bit to figure it out, but once I got it man was it fun!!  I am almost finished.  Talk about a quick knit!!

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