Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Never at my Knit Knite!

Check this out!

This is just fabulous, but you would never find them at my Knit Knite unless you brought them!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Recent Stash Enhancement

I went to Saratoga Needle Arts on Thursday after work to find yarn for a baby blanket. I have been coveting the Ripple Crocheted Afghan and asked my niece if she would make one for the baby. In trade, I am making the flowers for her Noni bag that she has been dreading making. I think I made out ahead and she thinks she made out ahead!

I wanted the blanket to be gender neutral, not too light in color, and washable. I plan on using this blanket for the stroller, car seat, etc. I decided on Cascade 220 Superwash and I got two skeins of each color. I'm hoping there might even be enough left over to make a complimentary garment or accessory.

Sitting next to the Cascade 220 was some fabulous Art Yarns. I don't think I have ever seen it in person and just couldn't leave it there. I got a free modular scarf pattern to knit this up with.

On June 11th, MaryBeth, Jude, and I went to Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe and Gifts going out of business sale where everything was 50% off.

I picked up 5 skeins of Noro in each of these colors to make over sized Booga Bags. The purple, blue, and lime is for myself. The neutral beige and browns will be a Christmas present for my mother.

I have a shawl collared cardigan sweater that I started 2 Octobers ago. It is Debbie Bliss' Lara. I want to finish it and wear it this season. I saw the same pattern in infant and children sizes in a book that I bought at the sale and I bought this gender neutral color to go with it. If I have a girl and if I have enough left over, I will make another one in purple.

I also bought all of this cotton for a bunch of hats from Itty Bitty Baby Hats.

For all felting fanatics--Interweave magazine is putting out a special edition of their magazine which is all about felting. It will be out 7/17. I got a glimpse at it at my LYS but it was there only copy. Borders didn't have it yet. I am considering getting it through their website. I love Interweave and felting--how can it go wrong?

Friday, July 06, 2007


I have some more photos for you!!

I love how the daffodils are taking over one of our flower beds.

The raspberry plants are actually starting to produce. We were gifted them two years ago.

My husband has re-done our flowerbeds along our walkway. We bought pressure treated lumber which hasn't been installed yet because we need to borrow a saw that will cut all the way through them. He laid down this really cool recycled rubber mulch. It should last for years and years instead of having to be replaced every season. Plus it is good for the environment!

See the ceramic bunny? My mother-in-law gave me two that she made. Too cute!

Portia and Bentley want to remind you to take some time to sniff the flowers!

Lisa left a comment about my Chevron Scarf and picking colors. I looked at lots of scarves on blogs and flickr before making my choice. I found that light and dark combos seemed to work the best. The monsoon has a dark purple and dark green while the watermelon tourmaline has a light purple and a light green. Good luck!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


OK, so after wrestling with my camera for a couple of weeks, I WON! :) Here are some pictures!

This is my Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I LOVE it!! It is STR Monsoon (the first month from this year's club) and Watermelon Tourmaline.

Who would think these colors would be so fabulous together??

In January I bought some Louet Flax and have been on the lookout for a knitted market bag. While at Wiawaka, I found one in Jude's Knitter's magazine and ran out and got one for myself. It's going on the "to be knit list".

On the same trip to Border's, I checked out the knitting books section and I just couldn't leave it behind. Movie is coming out VERY soon!

I went to my LYS today. I'll post my loot soon.

By the way, I just started my 17th week of pregnancy. It is going quickly! The baby is now the size of an avocado! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Anonymous Commenter

You answered your own question. That is exactly why my email address isn't on my blog. Which, ironically, is exactly what you did. You didn't leave your email address. Nor was I asking for your help or anyone elses'.

I hope you find peace and happiness because it sounds like you could use it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rockin' Sock Club!

My June installment has arrived!! I LOVE the yarn!!

Should I post details? I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is waiting for theirs but reads my blog. I don't think anyone is in it that comments regularly.

Let me know!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Under the weather

I have been fighting something. I had classic UTI symptoms, but the culture came back negative. So, who knows. I've been on an antibiotic since Monday morning and I am feeling better. I slept 14 hours last night and called in sick today. That has seemed to help. I HATE being sick! Alright, enouch kvetching. I'm gonna go veg on the couch and watch some tv.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitting Knirvana

OK, so the name of my blog is "Knitting Knirvana", but I think I actually found it. Knitting Knirvana that is. The weekend knitting retreat was just that, Knitting Knirana.

The site was Wiawaka. A beautiful parcel of land nestled on the southern tip of Lake George. If you know anything about Lake George, you know it is an absolutely gorgeous setting. Wiawaka has a long, rich history. The Trask family set up the property to be used as a vacation spot for women working in textile mills in Troy and Cohoes. These women normally wouldn't be able to afford a vacation. Perfect setting for a women's knitting retreat for so many reasons.

Katherine Wardle was our organizer. This woman is amazing. She carefully planned every gourmet meal and various refreshments. Her cooking is amazing! She is a professional Chocolatier and supplied endless amounts of chocolates that you would have thought were bought at Godiva. Katherine brought out two-triple layer lime chiffon cakes for MaryBeth and my birthdays complete with candles and singing. She thought of literally everything to make our experience the best it could possibly be. She even brought her own Ott Lites for us to use!

The women were a very interesting and diverse bunch! I knew three other women from Saratoga Needle Arts' classes--MaryBeth, Jude, and Kathy. I was also looking forward to finally meeting Diana. Diana was my first ever blog commenter and encouraged me to move over to Blogger and really exercise my blogging muscle. Diana came with her friend Susan. MaryBeth, Jude, Diana, Susan and I spent most of the weekend together. We ate, enjoyed the scenery, belted out LOTS of old songs, cast on, ripped out, and even managed a little knitting. We laughed, and laughed, and tried not to pee our pants! We completely clicked and had such a good time together.

Susan casted on 541 stitches for a shawl. Twice. She was knitting along and realized that she made a mistake and she was better off ripping out and starting over. We all gasped and tried to reason with her that there must be another way to fix the mistake. She very bravely calmed us all down and started the ripping. And the casting on. We have challenged her to wear the shawl at the next retreat in September.

Diana made several attempts to knit a sweater from Knitty. Her printer cut off half of the pattern. So she called Mr. Effer and asked for his assistance in reading the pattern to her. Poor Mr. Effer was promised many things for his cooperation and I think he was just completely excited and distracted. He read the pattern wrong. Diana finally gave up on it Saturday night and resorted to sock knitting. Another highlight of the weekend is when a great big grasshopper landed on Diana's chest and stared up at her. Diana SCREAMED! MaryBeth, Susan, and I died in hysterics while Jude bravely removed the grasshopper. Oh, and Diana has a broken foot and was on Loritab. She used great concentration watching an ant for about 10 minutes. Loritab is fun stuff!

Jude, MaryBeth, and I knitted on Clapotis. I also started a Chevron Scarf and MaryBeth started a sweater for my baby.

One of my highlights of the weekend is when we all went down to the dock to watch the fireworks. We had it on good authority (from Joe that works at Wiawaka) that their would be fireworks on Saturday night at 9:30pm. The entire retreat gathered on the dock to watch the marvelous display. Let's just say that at about 9:45 we decided that Joe was sadly mistaken and started making jokes about the fireworks that weren't. I decided that it was all a scam and Joe was probably stealing all of our yarn while we waited for the fireworks.

The next day, Jude, MaryBeth and I met at Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe in Schenectady. One of the women that works at the store was at the retreat and she told us that the store was closing and everything is 50% off. I picked up Noro Kuyeon for two Booga Bags, Classic Elite Cotton for four baby hats from Itty Bitty Hats, and some Debbie Bliss yarn and books for baby clothes. What a sale!

The weekend was absolutely fabulous from Friday to Monday. I strongly recommend going again in September. I've already paid my deposit!!

PS I actually have some photos, but my computer isn't recognizing my camera. Man, why can't we all just get along!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Knitting Retreat!

I am heading out momentarily for my knitting retreat weekend. I am so unbelievably excited!! I have packed sooo much stuff. Sheets, blanket, pillow, clothes, knitting projects, magazines, books, towels, etc. I feel like I'm going for a week!

I'll give you all the details next week.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Yup, it is a new side effect of pregnancy. My emotions. Holy cow this is a roller coaster!

Thursday, I was so angry that I was literally shaking because of a VERY snarky and insulting email I received from someone that I work with. I called my supervisor in need of some advice on how to respond without sounding as furious as I felt. She offered me some great advice and then heaped on the compliments to convince me that this issue belongs to the other person, not me. I immediately turned into a weeping mess.

Friday, I had my second OB appointment. I heard the heartbeat. I can not even begin to put words to these emotions. I smiled as broad as my cheeks would let me while tears streamed down my face. My doctor said that she always loves to watch the mothers' faces at this moment, and mine did not disappoint.

Saturday, I was all upset with my husband and I can't even exactly figure out why. I just was. So, when I decided to tell him why I was upset with him and he tried to politely explain that it must be a misunderstanding because he did not see it the way I did. I burst into tears. I told him that I was really not this upset, it was the hormones, and left the room. He followed me, hugged me, and told me that this is supposed to be a happy time and I am doing a wonderful job managing pregnancy even though it is really difficult.

Sunday, I am thinking about the knitting retreat coming up and the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn that hasn't arrived yet. I am going to make a clapotis with a friend and I am thinking about what I will do if it doesn't arrive in time. I decide to log in and see if there is any shipping information. I am ecstatic to read that it arrived in my town this morning, so I should have it tomorrow.

I feel like I need to wear a sign around my neck that says, "Please plan on my emotions being completely out of sync with whatever else is happening. I apologize and I know it is a complete and total over reaction."

Now, I totally tear up as I proofread this post. I keep telling myself--at least the nausea is gone! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yup, my belly is growing (among other things). I am in the beginning of my 11th week and haven't gained any weight, but my belly is definitely growing. It seems strange to me. I have to keep reminding myself that there is a baby in there.

My husband and I are off this week and we have been rearranging and cleaning out to make room for the baby. I'm gonna sell a bunch of books on amazon. We want to purchase a new laptop computer and download all of our CDs and then sell the CDs too. We looked at cribs and rugs for the nursery today. Tomorrow morning I am having a prenatal massage. I can't wait!

I ordered some Seduction from Blue Moon Fiber Arts to make a Clapotis at the Knitting Retreat next month. I also ordered another Socks that Rock to complement Lucy to make a Chevron Scarf. I have all these projects for myself. I hope I get my knitting mojo back soon. I'm not taking any classes over the summer and I want to concentrate on finishing and knitting what I already have.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thank you! and WEBS!

Thank you for your well wishes. I am currently half way through my tenth week. We don't want to find out the gender. Maybe we will change our minds, but so far we want to be surprised.

My friend MaryBeth and I took a road trip to Webs today for their annual tent sale and anniversary. Holy moly!! That store is like a knitters' mecca!!

I got yarn to start my Lizard's Ridge and several baby projects. I also bought Itty Bitty Baby Hats. Now, if I could just find the energy to start knitting again!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I need to catch you up . . .

So, right after I wrote the last post I did exactly as I said. I sat on the couch watching the Masters with my husband, drinking chai, and knitting on my Argosy. And thinking. For about three hours. I thought about the previous two weeks and had myself completely convinced. I decided that I needed confirmation. I told my husband that I was cold and I was going upstairs to change. When I returned. I sat very close to him on the couch, looked him in the eye, smiled, and said "Merry Christmas".
He paused, thought, and said "Really???"
I beamed, "Yes."
Again, "Really? Are you sure?"
Laughing "As sure as I can be! Do you want to see?"
Getting off of the couch, "Yes!"
I was three weeks and three days pregnant, with the positive test to prove it. I'm due on December 19th.

I am now in my ninth week and just started my third month. The nausea was manageable. The fatigue was (and sometimes is) overpowering. I am beginning to feel better. I've lost weight, but I've outgrown all of my pants. I had an ultrasound at seven weeks one day and saw/heard the heartbeat. Everything became much more real in that moment.

Telling loved ones is the absolute best. Their reactions are so much fun. Elation, happiness, or a subdued "cool". My dad was too funny. He initially said a very calm, "Oh, that's nice." Then paused for a few moments and with much more excitement declared, " Oh, a tax deduction!" Doesn't he sound just like a dad?? :) We are telling my husband's family tomorrow. I can't wait.

Knitting? Very little. Between the fatigue and the nausea I have had little interest. I pretty much work and sleep. I am going to Webs next weekend for the giant sale. I took another class on a beaded scarf. My bloglines was at almost 800 posts to read and I have recently gotten them down under 400. I'm very much looking forward to the knitting retreat. The organizer said that she has 13 paid and 15 is the minimum. She has had others express interest, but haven't paid yet. It doesn't sound like she would cancel, but needs 15 to break even. So, if you know of anyone that might be interested, please let them know.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lots of Projects

The spring classes at my LYS have begun and I am trying to stay on top of all my projects.

My Argosy scarf is coming along. I am in the second section and I am trying to do 2 repeats every day. On that schedule it will take about 3 weeks from start to finish. I really like my Seduction yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It is soft in my hands, a perfect compliment to my bamboo needles, and I love how the colorway Saratoga is knitting up.

I have also started the Felted Market Bag from the Weekend Knitting book. The first class was nearly two weeks ago. We are meeting again on the seventeenth of April. This project is a challenge and has me working on all sorts of new skills. It is Fair Isle and I am doing the 2 hand 2 color method. My main color yarn is held in my left hand and knit continental and the contrast color is held in the right hand and knit American. Then, instead of doing duplicate stitch I am using wooden beads. I am using the method Lily Chin showed on Knitty Gritty. You wait until you get to the actual stitch, take the stitch off the needle and use a crochet hook to put a bead on the stitch. Then, put the stitch back on your left needle and knit it. Nice to not have to string all of those beads ahead of time. I am also using a chart for the very first time. I messed up the third row last night and didn't realize it until I was at the very end of the row. So, I need to start with tinking back to my mistake (almost the beginning of the row) and re-knit it. Because this project is such a challenge and incorporating so many new techniques for me--I'm not loving it. So, I am setting myself up with a schedule to make sure that I stay on task and get it done in time for the classes. The class next week is only in case we have trouble. I don't have to have it done until the first week of May. Good thing!

I am also working on an over sized felted knitting bag. Right now it is just knitting in the round and mindless. Good break from my other knitting that takes concentration.

I still have to rip back my leg on my too big toe up sock. I am busy enough with other projects right now that I have put it on the back burner.

Today I bought Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I am dieing to make the Chevron Scarf with Socks that Rock that has been appearing on blogs lately. I think I am going to use my Monsoon from February's club. I'm not sure what I will put with it. I thought about Lucy, but I think it will be too much brown. My Monsoon is green and brown--none of the purple that I have seen in other people's skeins. This will be a good project for my Knitting Retreat weekend.

We are also going to knit Clapotis at the Knitting Retreat. Instead of four skeins of the pricey Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb I think I am going to substitute Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction. I have a coupon and I would only need two skeins. I have it narrowed down to a few colorways.

Well, I'm gonna go read my new book, drink some Chai, watch the Master's with my husband and procrastinate from tinking back the 3rd row of my Felted Market Bag.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Knitting Retreat

I was given permission to post this information to my blog in hopes of getting the word out about what should be a FABULOUS weekend! The following is from the flier:

Friday Evening-Sunday Noon
June 8-10, 2007 and/or September 21-23, 2007
$195 per person, meals included

Knitter are taking over the entire 60 acres of beautiful Wiawaka Holiday House, a National Register Historic Place near Lake George Village, NY. Our location was once owned by the Trask family of Saratoga's Yaddo fame and was established 100 years ago to provide affordable vacations for women in the textile industry of Troy & Cohoes , NY. Funds from the retreat will support the Wiawaka Scholarship Fund to enable all working women an affordable vacation.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the 1500 feet of Lake George frontage, with boat house and all of the property at our exclusive disposal. Knit in peace, or join friends old and new.

For more information on Wiawaka's fabulous history as a National Park Service "Place Where Women Made History" visit www DOT wiawaka DOT org. A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required. Lodging is primarily single rooms--we are seeking individuals willing to share rooms with 2 single beds. Reserve early for full room & date selection--some rooms are heated only by your knitted warmth!

Katherine Wardle
chef AT cookingtherapy DOT com

I omitted Katherine's phone number and address, however you can email her when you are ready to reserve.

I wanted to include some of our Lake George photos, but blogger wasn't cooperating. Maybe next time!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Argosy Scarf & Knitting Retreat

Last night I took a class at Saratoga Needle Arts on the Arogosy Scarf from Knitty Winter 2006. It is a scarf knit on the bias with a bit of lace touches. It is very geometric and that really appealed to me. How often is our knitting geometric? I am using stash yarn from Rhinebeck. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction colorway Saratoga. I LOVE it! The pattern takes some thinking while getting started, but I am hoping that once I have it set up, it will be good TV knitting.

A couple of us are going to a knitting retreat on Lake George in June. It is at Wiawaka. I met the woman putting it together on Sunday at SNA's open house. It is Friday evening to Sunday noon June 8-10 and is a very informal knitting weekend. No classes or anything. Just a community of women knitting together in the beautiful Adirondacks on a gorgeous lake. And that Sunday is my birthday! What could be better? If you want more info or are interested in going, shoot me an email at knittingknirvana at yahoo dot com.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meet Endive

Did I ever tell you that I am obsessed with turtles? This is Endive.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spending My Weekend at the Frog Pond

I finished my first toe-up Sock Candy sock last night. Much to my disappointment, the leg is HUGE. So, today I ripped out the top two inches which was where I ribbed. I then went down a needle size, decreased 7 stitches and knit much tighter. Still too big. I am planning on ripping it again, but I need a break from dealing with it. I think I will rip out the whole leg and decrease at the ankle. After I finished it the second time and tried it on, I decided that the whole leg is too big, not just the top of the leg. Live and learn, right? This is why I still have not cast on for my STR club pattern. Lots of people have had trouble with it, so I want to be able to do a basic toe-up pattern before attempting a difficult one.

Last night I spent about two hours in Borders looking through knitting books. I saw the new No Sheep for You by Amy Singer. I liked it. Very good information on all kinds of yarn. I also saw the DominiKNITrix book. Although I like the premise of it and there was excellent instruction for beginners, the patterns really didn't speak to me. I was looking for Last Minute Knitted Gifts because I really like the chevron scarf that everyone is making. But, they didn't have it. I ended up taking home Suss Cousins book on knitting for the home. I fell in love with this book. My friend is getting married in Key West in October and I am thinking of making the beautiful book for her guest book. I also think she would like the place mats.

Borders was having a special night for educators and all teachers got 25% off. When I checked out I was asked if I was an educator and I said, "I am a social worker" and the woman looked at me for a moment and said "close enough" with a smile. Works for me! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snow, Irish Oatmeal, and a FO

Happy St Patrick's Day! I celebrated by eating some Irish oatmeal for breakfast after spending two hours digging out from this ridiculous snowstorm. We got about a foot. I have big knitting plans for the rest of the day. Warm beverages, blankets, wool and DVR. Perfection! :)

OK, so I finally have pictures of my finished felted hat to share.

I got the pattern from the class and I'm not really sure where it is from. But, I had intended to knit up a cloche style hat. Picture 1920's style with the brim that kind of flares out. It took two skeins of manos and I had to start on the third skein while I was on the decreases. Well, the hat ended up waaay too long and after the fact I realized that their was no shaping for the brim, so it probably wouldn't flare out the way I had anticipated. Plus, when I put it on pre-felted it was past my shoulders. I probably could have ripped back and did the decreases with the second skein and avoided buying the third skein. Manos is pricey. Although I LOVE it!

After felting, I put it over an upside down mixing bowl to keep its shape. It took several days to dry on the outside and about a week for the inside. I flipped up the brim because it was waaaay too long.

The second day of the class was beading and embroidery. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do. I finally decided to do blanket stitch around the brim to make it stand out a little bit. Then I did little flowers with yarn and beads. It is a very, very warm hat. I wore it all weekend at Lake Placid when we went away in January. That was before I did all of the embroidery, so not quite as pretty but still very functional.

As usual, the lighting isn't the best but the colors are truer in the second pic.

I finished knitting the Fiber Trends Gelato Bag and felted it. I haven't yet lined it and put on the pretty button. Here is the picture of it pre-felted (remote control for size reference).

I made the handles longer than the pattern stated on the advice of my classmates. They had theirs' finished and wished their handles were longer. There are benefits to being a slower knitter! It is a fun little pattern and the next time I would use a cheaper wool like Cascade 220 or even Paton's. Some people in class used Paton's to make their second, third, fourth, and fifth bags. Yes, one woman had done five and I hadn't even started the handles on my first one. Anyhoo, I used a strand of Cascade Pastaza with a strand of some kind of tweed. I can't remember which one. But I didn't really like the feel of the Pastaza. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished and nervous about doing the lining. My mom is helping me with another sewing project next weekend and I think I will wait until I feel a little more comfortable with sewing before tackling this one.

Did you read the Yarn Harlot's blog (March 16th entry) about her Socks That Rock Club sock? It is hysterical. I am also in the club and was thinking of doing a basic pattern instead of the free patttern. There has been a lot of talk about how hard the patterm is, but Stephanie has inspired me and now I want to knit the pattern. I can't wait until my husband asks what I am knitting! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I feel stuck. Every area of my life. Well, most every area. Stuck.

Work. I am a social worker and have been working in social work since 1998. I typically choose jobs and populations that are challenging and often crisis-driven. I'm tired. Nearly ten years of challenge and crisis. Very, very tired. Without sounding too cocky, I am good at what I do and take great pride in my work. This perhaps is also my greatest downfall. My boss's boss told me several times last week that they basically don't listen to me when I say I need help because they know I am so competent. See what I mean? My greatest downfall. He also said that because I work so hard it allows the people around me to work less hard. He is one of those people that has to work less hard because I work so hard. Additionally, I work in residential services. So, I work a lot of holidays, two evenings per week, and one weekend day. I'm also getting tired of my variable schedule. I have to be part of an on-call system that I hate. When I moved into this job a little over a year ago, this position was supposed to grow into a more administrative position and it hasn't. I feel like I need to say good bye to social work. It feels like a death. I love and hate the field all at the same time. It is all I have ever done and I hold a masters degree in social work and I am good at it. But, it is no longer healthy for me.

Marriage and Family. My husband and I met nearly nine years ago and we have been married for two and a half years. We moved in together after one year of dating and for all intents and purposes we might as well have been married at that time too. Almost two years ago we decided that we wanted to have children in the near future. Just over a year ago I moved to a less stressful job (still within social work) with hours different from my husband's hours. Our intention was to need very little child care and my mother was happy to assist with this. Last autumn we "actively" started trying to conceive. Seven cycles later and still no baby. The conclusion of this cycle really upset me. Really. I'm beginning to wonder if it will happen for us. I'm beginning to think about fertility treatments and adoption. Questioning what is right for us. I have concluded that my career path is one of the problems.

Creativity. I want to be an artist. I want to create. I want to write. I want to surround myself in beautiful things and beautiful thoughts. I want to open a yarn store. I want to get an MFA in writing. I want to have the energy to do these things and I feel like the stress of work often prevents me from doing the things I really love.

Money. I am going to sit down and figure out what our fixed expenses are and how much money we have to bring in to maintain our basic expenses. Then, I want to start elminiating the extras. I want to pay off whatever is extraneous and determine how much money I absoultly need to bring in to maintain the lifestyle we want. Then, I want to re-focus my effort and energy on creating. Creating the book that has been doing cart-wheels in my brain. Creating a healthier, happy life for myself and my husband. Creating the space that I want my house to be. Creating the life that we so much want to parent. Creating the business that will support my need to create with fiber. Creating a lifestyle that will allow me to spend every moment I can with our child and not resent my job while my baby is in day care.

Reality. I know this won't all happen overnight. I am thinking that I may need to give myself a six month or one year time frame to make this happen. I know my husband also needs to change jobs--he is in a similar boat. We are pursueing some state jobs for him which will provide for our family the excellent benefits that my job now provides. I do, at times, love social work. I would like to continue to work one day a week, on my terms, in the field. This would also provide a set amount of income to count on while I work on some variable, creative sources of income. Or, hopefully, the one day a week I get to spend with adults while I am a SAHM.

Thank you for listening, if you made it this far. I think I needed to get it out, to sort it out, to plan, to help me commit to what I know is right.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


My husband and I took the week off to do some home improvement projects.

On Monday we installed a microwave/hood over the stove. Of course, it ended up taking all day. We had electrical issues and re-routed the electric. Then, there was not enough clearance between the bottom of the microwave and the top of the stove, so we raised the cabinet three inches. Nothing is ever easy! Monday marked the third anniversary of the closing of our house. Where does the time go?

On Tuesday, we demo-ed the masterbath. We took out the cabinet and the vanity. Again, not as easy as it sounds. Let's just say the saws-all is our friend. We then hit several stores and finally settled on a light that we like.

On Wednesday, my father joined us. We installed the new vanity cabinet and marble counter top to discover that both the wall is crooked and the vanity was cut at an angle. After much debating and processing, my husband cut the sheet rock and slid the uneven part of the counter top into the wall. We also installed the light and fixed the overhead light that hasn't worked since we moved in.

We are currently taking a quick lunch break. I also have LOTS of knitting news and will post again with knitting content.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


My mother owns a small business and when I first started knitting I put some scarves in the retail section of her business for sale. This week I sold the very first scarf I ever made for $30. It was a Paton's Bohemian in copper (I think) held with a strand of red fun fur. It was very narrow and very long and I thought it was very funky looking. I loved that scarf and often thought of keeping it, but none of my coats matched it. I am also over the fun fur phenomenon. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was sold. Hopefully the buyer is enjoying it!

My friend and I met up and I got her started on her Booga Bag. She is doing the bottom and handles in a blue Lamb's Pride and the body in Noro Kureon (sp?) that has lots of blues and purples. I taught her the cable cast on and she is hoping to have the bottom done by Thursday when I will see her. Then, I can show her how to pick up stitches and do the i-cord.

I've been knitting a bit on my Sock Candy Toe Up Sock. Before I go into work today I want to plug away on my Gelato Bag that I ripped out while watching my DVRed shows.

The week after next my husband and I are taking a week off from work to do some home improvement projects. I'm not in love with doing home improvement projects, but I LOVE the results. Most of the work is in the master bathroom and kitchen. My husband wants to paint the master bath, but I think we should wait until spring when we can have the windows open. I hate the idea of living and sleeping in the fumes. We will see!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

My Beautiful Babies

This is Bentley curled up between Portia's feet in the morning sunlight on Christmas Eve. This is one of my absolutely favorite pictures and it is currently the wallpaper on our computer.
On Monday night I was going to audit a 2 hand 2 color class that I took last winter. I never finished the project and now I have forgotten the technique. By the end of my work day I was too tired and cranky and I just wanted to go home. I am hoping I can find the technique as a tutorial and refresh my memory.
On Wednesday night I took a class for a little felted purse called Gelato by Fiber Trends. I chose a lime green yarn in Cascade Pastaza and Donegal Tweed as the pattern calls for a double strand. The first 12 rows take some thinking and paying attention. I got through row 11 in class and last night started to finish the 12th row. My numbers just wouldn't work out and I had some wonky looking stitches. So, I ripped it all out and started again. I kept telling myself that I would felt it so it didn't really matter, but it kept bugging me. I think that now that I am a better knitter I don't mind ripping back as much because I know I am capable of having a very nice finished result. I just don't want to settle anymore. This is now my front-burner knitting project because my next class is in two weeks. I want to be as far along as I can get.
Yesterday I was talking to my friend that made her first scarf. She said that she blocked it and was thrilled with the results. She sounded pleasantly surprised by the effects of blocking. She talked about wanting to start another project and I offered to help her get started on Saturday. The really interesting thing she said was "When I am watching TV, I feel like I should be knitting something." Well ladies and gentlemen, I think we converted another one. Mwah!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just Can't Get Warm . . .

I just can't get warm today. I am working 3:30pm-11:30pm as the Shift Supervisor which means that I drive from group home to group home while answering a pager. Sounds like fun, eh? I am going to go cuddle up under a blanket and watch my DVRed Grey's Anatomy before I have to go get ready for work.
Picture: our lilac tree during an ice stom taken by my husband

Monday, February 05, 2007


Guess what? I finally have some pictures for you! :)

Here are my Cherry Tree Hill yarn 2 socks on 2 circs. They are a little big, but I still wear them. I loved the yarn. Can't say as much for my parents' shag carpet!

This is my mother's Christmas present. It is 16 stitches across and a p1k1 rib. She picked the color of Malabrigo that I used. I made the same scarf for my mother-in-law, except I also held a strand of mohair with it. The mohair gave me a headache. I suffered through the scarf and then vowed to never touch the stuff again! I LOVE Malabrigo and this is my first time using this yarn. I have purchased 7 more skeins since. :)

This is my Manos hat before felting. It is purples and burgundies. It was HUGE. When I put it on, it would go past my shoulders. I am still working on the embroidery, so it will be a little while before I post the after.
So, there is a sampling of my recent projects. I have a bunch of cool non-knitting photos so I will try to post one at a time to stretch them out in between my knitting pics.
I've been working on my log cabin baby blanket. The Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton is super soft, but it isn't as easy to knit with as the fibers I usually knit with. I usually only do a row or two and then rest my hands. This will be a loooooong project!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

You Know You Buy Too Much Yarn When . . .

your LYS calls and asks what classes you would like to see on the spring class schedule. Yes, yes, it is true! So, here is my list Fiber Trends Clogs, Magic Loop, Clapotis from Knitty, Sheldon from Knitty, and Lizard's Ridge from Knitty. Most of these I could figure out on my own, but I really like taking classes for the community and the technical assistance. What else would you add to my list? I'm going to call back tomorrow.

Our weekend was WONDERFUL! We stayed at the Fern Lodge in the Adirondack's. They upgraded us to the best room since we had the whole place to ourselves for the weekend. It is without a doubt the best B&B or Inn that we have stayed in. AMAZING!

I know I need to post a ton of pictures. We got a new camera before Christmas and I haven't yet tried to download pics onto the computer. Let's see if I can motivate myself to figure it out tomorrow.

It is finally snowing in upstate NY and it is beautiful!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Weekend Away

My husband and I are going away this weekend. Lots of knitting in front of a fire. Mmmm. Sounds like heaven to me. I'm taking my toe up sock candy, my booga bag (did I mention I started this), and my log cabin blanket from last night's class. See you on the flip side. :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another New Knitter

I manage a group home for adult men with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Well, one of my guys asked me to teach him to knit. How could I resist??? So, Sunday we took a trip to Wally World and he purchased a set of aluminum needles and a skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease (thick&quick, of course). So we sat down yesterday and he carefully watched me knit a row and then I guided him through a row, then I knit a row, then he knit a row, and so on. He is making a scarf that is 12 stitches wide and when I left today he had about 8 rows. He has each of the steps down, but is struggling with putting the entire process together. Twice he has come to me while I was at my desk all concerned that he "ruined the whole thing". Luckily, they were both easy fixes and he hasn't dropped any stitches yet, however he did throw his knitting once. :) I knit continental and that is what I taught him, but I am thinking that maybe I should teach American because I think it takes less hand/finger dexterity. He is also a little frustrated with me that I don't have the time to sit and knit with him each day. Maybe American style will give him a little more confidence. We'll see.

Last Saturday my friend came over with her scarf that I helped her start last fall. She used white baby alpaca and did a beautiful job. She only had one obvious mistake and it was her first project. Very impressive! I taught her how to cast off and then tried to convince her that she is ready for a felted tote bag. She's not convinced. I'll keep working on her!

I took a class last week for making hats that were recently on the cover of Spin Off magazine. It is a felted hat with embroidery on it. I finished my hat and felted it. I used a little more than two skeins of Manos. I LOVE Manos. I've never used it before but I will use it again! I intended to make a cloche style which has a little brim that flares out a bit. I followed the pattern exactly, but it did not turn out as it should. The brim was a little too long and it didn't flare. Afterwards I realized that the brim should have been more stitches then the rest of the hat-although the pattern said that it is all the same. Odd. Well, "necessity is the mother of invention" so I decided to just flip the brim up and I think it looks darn cute! I blocked it over an upside down mixing bowl and it kept its shape. I did take some before pictures, but I am not going to take the after pictures until I take the embroidery class next Tuesday.

Tomorrow I am taking a class for knitting the log cabin blanket from Mason Dixon's book. I completed the first rectangle tonight. I chose Blue Sky Alpaca cotton in various off whites, beiges, and greens. I am making a very neutral baby blanket, with no particular baby in mind. Actually, I do have a baby in mind, but since it has yet to be conceived I probably shouldn't be knitting for it yet. ;)

This weekend my husband and I are going away. I CAN NOT WAIT! We did not give each other Christmas presents this year and planned this weekend instead. We will be spending two nights and three days in a small inn in the Adirondacks, with a king size bed, jacuzzi tub, and our very own fire place. I will be taking lots of knitting, a bottle of champagne, bubble bath, i-pod, and candles. Perfection!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I've been lost for weeks. I couldn't sign into my new blogger beta account which means that I couldn't blog or leave comments. The HORROR!!! OK, so I am back. But I am making dinner and I have a friend coming over, so I'll have to blog later. Hopefully blogger will let me back in! :)

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Week of Christmas

This year Christmas went from Christmas Eve straight through New Year's Day. We went to my parent's three times, visited with my brother's family who were in town, saw my husband's parents, both of my husband's sisters' families, celebrated my brother-in-law's 40th birthday, and went to my sister's family to exchange gifts with them. Plus I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We still have one more family to coordinate with. Every year I wonder why I don't take the year off between Christmas and New Year's Day. And every year I promise myself that next year I will. Then I always forget. Maybe I'll get it right in 2007!

I finished (on time, no less) my mother's and my mother-in-law's scarves. They both said that they LOVED them. :) I am thinking about using the left over skein of yarn and attempting my first pair of fingerless gloves for my mother. I saw a simple pattern on Knit and Tonic for them.

I received four knitting books. Both of the one skein books. One is the older one with the green ball of yarn on the front. The other is the one that is a compilation of all the patterns that yarn stores give out with a purchase of yarn. I also got my first Elizabeth Zimmerman book and the Sensational Sock book.

I also received 2 sets of size 1 and size 3 circular needles from Knit Picks for knitting two socks on two circs. I also got some of those little plastic things that you put on the tips of needles to prevent them from falling off.

We gave our niece everything she needs to make one of the Noni bags. I got her started on Christmas Day and I am anxious to see how it is coming along. I taught her how to knit last Christmas and now I give her a "project" and the knitting lessons to go with it each birthday/holiday. She spent a month and a half crocheting an afghan for her mother's Christmas present. I can't wait to see it!

My sister-in-law wants to set a day and go to the yarn store and do the same thing with her---help her pick out a project and yarn and then get her started while drinking coffee. Twist my arm!! :)

I'd say it was a good knitting holiday.