Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lots of WIPs

Here is a pic from a recent weekend away for a wedding.  This is Chautaqua Lake, NY on a cloudy damp day.

What else is new?  I always have lots of WIPs! :)

Last night I took a class at Saratoga Needle Arts for Thrummed Mittens.  I did not enjoy the "thrumming" part at all.  I looked around the Internet a little bit this morning and will continue to look.  I'm hoping that someone will say something that will make it click for me, it will be easier, and I will suddenly love it.  We'll see!

My Baby Surprise Jacket has been on the needles since June.  It is pretty close to being finished so I have picked it up again.  Hopefully it will fit London this season, so I need to get a move on!

Also, my Christmas stocking is almost done.  I have finished all of the knitting.  I have one letter duplicate stitched and I have five more letters to do.  I have to weave in all the ends--which will take forever!--and darn where there were three color changes at the gusset.

The Clapotis is still getting some inconsistent attention.

I'm off to catch up on my DVRed Dancing with the Stars while knitting BSJ.  Have a great night!


Holly Jo said...

Enjoy the BSJ. I found I couldn't put it down toward the end because it really started to make sense. :)

Amanda said...

hmm... i am trying to remember whether or not i enjoyed knitting in the thrumming... but really, it doesn't matter, because those mittens are the bestest mittens that ever did exist! they are so warm and cuddly and fantabulous... you must press on! :)

Lisa L said...

I haven't started them yet, but I have thrummed mittens on my to do list this fall. Maybe I'll pull the yarn and fiber out this weekend and give them a start . . . ;-)