Friday, September 26, 2008

Stroke of Luck!

So, yesterday I came home to my Socks that Rock Club package.  Always a very exciting day!!  

I immediatly noticed that the postal bag/envelope that it is always mailed in was open.  Upon closer inspection I realized that it had been cut open.  Odd.  I asked my husband if he opened it and he hadn't--not that I can imagine why he would want to.  Then I suddenly realized that my yarn could have fallen out if it was mailed with the envelope open.  Luckily everything is accounted for.  

Talk about a serious stroke of luck!  It had been traveling across the US and literally open.  It was sealed by the BMFA people but I am guessing during the mailing process it must have been accidentally cut open.  My husband has dealt with the post office and large mailings and he said sometime they bundle mass mailings together with plastic wrap and it could have been sliced with a box cutter in the process or wrapping the palette.

Knowing how amazingly wonderful the Blue Moon Fiber Arts people are they probably have insurance on it or would have been able to replace it.  But, I am very glad we didn't have to go that route!

The pattern and colorway are amazing!  The pattern represents something in real life and the likeness is astounding.  How do they do it???


Holly Jo said...

Very lucky indeed. I am so jealous you are in that club. They do the best colorways and patterns to match.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Phew!! Very lucky! I loved this month's colorway and pattern too! Perfect for fall :)