Saturday, February 11, 2012

Episode 19: Two FO's! :)

Hope you enjoy it! :)


Miss Julep said...

What a fun post! LOVE the hat and definitely think you need to wear it to Rhineback next year!!

The blanket is wonderful with colors that are bright and happy.

The tulip sweater is coming along nicely. Wonderful colors and a "Marley" hat to go with it will be adorably cute and perfect.
Looking forward to seeing what you cast on next:)

Finally, your son's pics are the very best! He is a very cute boy!!

Enid said...

enjoyed this episode, Suzanne. :))
London looks so proud of his blanket. well done.
love the colours of the tulip sweater, agree on not using i-cord.

Stefanie said...

I will come back to view this tomorrow. But check out my Thursday post, Suzanne. Sunshine is coming your way :O).

Stefanie said...

201? Holy moly!
If you wore this hat with vintage modern pieces, it would be modern Downton Abbey! How neat those flowers are movable on the skein.
Oh, yea! The blanket's done. It's terrific! The living room must be the hub of your house so that's why London wants his blanket in there. Yeah, corners are a bit tricky.
The colors of the Tulip cardi are perfecto! Good idea about axing the ties and fewer buttons. For kids, that stuff's more like decor. LOL, we knitters sure hate waste, yeah?