Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Buttons

Here are some buttons I am trying to get into my sidebar. Wish me luck!!

Autumn is here!

I love fall. It is my most favorite time of year. It gets my knitting juices flowing! :)

The last time I posted, oh so long ago, I talked about my entrelac bag. Well, guess what? It is finished!! Yes, folks, it only took me one whole year. That's not long at all when you consider that my mom is still waiting for last year's knitted Christmas present. I want to show you pictures, but I don't know where the camera cord is and my husband isn't here to ask. So, let's see what else I can show to satisfy your need for knitting porn, erh . . . I mean, pictures.

This is a scarf I made about four months after I learned to knit in April 2005. It is Lion Brand's Incredible (back in the day before I discovered my LYS). If you aren't familiar, it is like a ribbon and is interesting to knit with. I like how it came out. My former boss actually bought it at a fund raiser for two of my favorite charities.

I am catching up on Grey's Anatomy. I DVRed all of the repeats from the summer and now I am trying to watch them in order. Of course, I am missing some of the episodes, but it will be enough so that I can fill in the gaps. I am REALLY enjoying this show. While watching today, I ripped out a lace shawl for the second time. It is a zigzag pattern with Noro Silk Garden Lite (or something like that) and I just can't get it right. So, I am taking a break and am going to go pull out something else to start or finish while I continue my Grey-a-thon.

I would like to add some buttons and more links on my sidebar. This will be fun to figure out! :)