Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remember me?

Well, it has been a year.  Exactly.  There has been a couple of changes in my life.  Just a couple.  But, those couple of changes have been completely life changing.

The most significant change is the birth of my son.

I can not begin to put into words what joy, purpose, meaning, gratitude, and contentment he brings to our lives every day.  London was born December 9th.  He is a wonderful blend of his father and I.  He has a tremendous sense of humor and is often entertaining us.  He is sweet and loves to snuggle.  And his parents are completely and totally in love with him!

Upon returning from maternity leave I accepted a promotion.  My OB/GYN literally asked me if I was crazy.  Yup.  I am.  Certifiable.  This particular position was exactly what I wanted and had been waiting for for several years.  Unfortunately, the timing was awful.  After four months or trying to juggle it all, I looked into some part time options and decided that 16-20 hours a week is manageable for my family at this time in our lives.  This week is my very first week working part-time and it is WONDERFUL!  I will also be going to a week long training next week in San Diego and starting my private practice.  My long term goal is to have my private practice and be able to work it around the needs of my family.  It is a huge leap of faith.  Exciting and frightening all at the same time.

My husband also started a new job in April.  His new job is everything he could possibly hope it would be.  He never gets called at home.  He has evenings, weekends, and holidays off.  He is in a virtually stress-free environment.  The company values its employees and makes sure that they know it.  The commute is a little longer and the pay is a little less.  But, the trade off is well worth it!  The change in my husband has been astronomical.

Everything has come together and we know how very, very fortunate we are.

Even though I haven't been blogging, I have been knitting.  I'll take some time over the next few blog posts to update you on my knitting.   That is, if anyone is still around! :)

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your son is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!