Friday, October 17, 2008

Rhinebeck Here I Come

It is Rhinebeck Eve!  I can hardly wait!!

My husband, baby, mother and I will be taking the journey down the thruway to the fiber mecca.  I am soooo very excited!!!  It will be my mother and son's first time.  Unless you count last year when I was 7 months pregnant.

I hope to be there before 9am when the gates open.  Then, of course a straight b-line to The Fold and Socks that Rock.  I am contemplating purchasing yarn for Lindin from Green Mountain Spinnery.  I also am interested in a felted pumpkin kit and matching super soft yarn and fleece for thrummed mittens.  I can't wait to see those sheep herding dogs and London's reaction to all of the animals.  It will be a great day!!!!!

I seamed up and wove in the ends on London's Baby Surprise Jacket.  I didn't add the buttons yet.  It will probably be huge on him this year.  I think he will still wear it tomorrow---kind of like a blanket with sleeves.  So if you see a baby in a blue and green striped BSJ and an Itty Bitty football hat be sure to say hello!  I think I'll be sporting my Socks that Rock Chevron Scarf.

I'm off to dream of fiber---nighty night!

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Holly Jo said...

Have fun!