Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Bee!

Or should I say busy beading?  I've made three sets of wine glass charms and I will also make some ribbon bookmarks that are embellished with beads.  This is the first time I have done either project and so far so good!  

I am going to promote my private practice at a human services professionals conference on Friday, so I thought I would bring some crafty items to sell as well.  I also wanted to get them into my mother's retail business before the holidays.

London had his first teething biscuit tonight.  We had a hard time finding a dairy-free kind and my parents discovered one over the weekend. 

He loved, loved, loved it!
Can you tell???


Holly Jo said...

Oh those biscuits! Glad he loved them. I swear moms usually love watching kids eat them more than the kids love eating the biscuits.

Can't remember if there is dairy in graham crackers, but they work well in a pinch if you run out of the biscuits. :)

Amanda said...

of his face totally loved it!

Amanda said...

weird... it looks like my comment got chopped! it said, "looks like most of his face totally loved it!"

i believe i also mentioned how adorable the pictures were. :)