Friday, March 06, 2009

Lots of Updates

We did great on our February limited spending goal.  All month we only charged 4 things.  2 were preset charges (i.e. Netflix) and 2 were Paypal charges for internet purchases (which were less than $10 for both).  That is really phenomenal!  Normally we charge absolutely everything so we can take advantage of the cash back.  But, it has also made us less thoughtful of our purchases because credit doesn't always feel like real money.  This was especially hard because we were paying for our purchases that were put on credit cards in January while also paying cash for purchases in February.  I'm not done tallying our receipts so I don't have an exact amount on what we spent.  We did get hit with a nearly $500 purchase on the last day of the month.  My husband's car needed some repairs.  But the good news is--we paid for all of it in cash!!  Seriously!!!  I am so, so, so proud of what we did!!!

We are continuing to be conscious of our spending in March.  We will still try to not use credit cards and to put as much money on debt as possible.  I do have a friend staying with us for a week so I'm sure we will be spending more than our usual while she is here.  We probably won't be as strict in spending as in February.  It is hard to keep up at the level and we have already bought 2 books and a cd, although I did use a $25 gift card towards the purchases.  

I am still working on my Quilt Medallion Scarf.  I really love doing it and actually have to limit myself on how much I work on it.  The crocheting and the cotton has really affected my wrists and the muscles going up my arms.  I hope I don't run into this with all crochet projects because I really love it.  In last Saturday's class we learned row 4 and joining the motifs.  Right now I have 13 motifs joined together and 9 ready for the 4th row and joining.  I am aiming for 36 motifs all together.  We'll see how it looks as it gets close to the 36.  The springy colors are great!  Maybe I will wear it for Easter!