Friday, November 14, 2008

A long, long time ago . . .

Once upon a time a knitter who loved Socks that Rock started reading a blog by another knitter who loved Socks that Rocks.  Princess Irish Girlie lived in a far, far away land called The West Coast.  The West Coast was a fun land.  The people of The West Coast loved to dine on cupcakes and dance the belly dance.  Princess Irish Girlie was a very generous princess.  She was always knitting things for Sir Snowboarder and Lord Lil' Guy.  Princess Irish Girlie even held contests and gave wonderful gifts to strangers.

In the land of The West Coast, the people love to measure their chickens.

Princess Irish Girlie wanted the knitter of The East Coast to be able to measure her chickens, too.   So, a beautiful and fun chicken measurer was gifted.

Princess Irish Girlie also wanted to share with the knitter of The East Coast the wonderful custom of rocking their socks. 

Thanks to the generous Princess Irish Girlie, the knitter of The East Coast learned the joys of measuring chickens and rocking her socks and she lived happily ever after.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

We do measure our chickens here...hehehehehe! Now, the question is, when will that pretty pretty yarn become pretty pretty socks :) Thanks for a very cute post!!

maya said...

ha! too cute.

i have yet to knit my first pair of socks. i have the yarn and the needles. i'm not sure what pattern to use.

but first i have 2 scarves i have to finish (which are only my third and fourth knitting project ever)!