Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ravelympics: Day 2

So I'm sure you have heard about the Ravelympics.  The oh so wonderful Ravelry is featuring a fun knit-along.  Each participant chooses their project and their team and works on their project during the Olympics.  So, I have decided to attack my WIPs.  

My event: Wrestling with WIPs  
My Team: Hopelessly Overcommitted

I have chosen many projects.  Although I am not planning on finishing all of them, I would like to make some serious progress.

My first project is the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty.  This is a birthday present for my dad.  Two days late already.  Well, actually I wrapped it up for him while it was still on the needles and then took it back to finish it.  I decided to knit the handles, but I goofed.  They are all lopsided.  I have been looking around Ravelry to get some more ideas.  Why didn't I do that first???  Anyhow I have an idea of how to fix.  I am still going to consider it done.  Maybe it will just be done again when I add handles and finish it again.  heeheehee
Goal: Finish
Status: Done!
Medal: Gold!!

I am finishing a pair for myself.  One is all done and the second is started.  
Goal: Finish

I have to finish knitting one handle and then assemble it all.  
Goal: Finish

This is a very long shot.  I have a lot to do.  I have just started the dropping stitches section.
Goal: make some progress

This is a long shot.  It is less than half done.
Goal: make some progress

I am about half way done with the actual hat.  I have not started the sail boat yet.
Goal: Finish

7. London's Christmas Stocking

I am taking a class for this.  There are three classes all together.  I went to the first one, missed the second one because I was sick, and the third class is coming up.  My goal is to knit as far as I can.  If I get stuck then I will put it aside and wait for the class.  But, if I know what I am doing then I want to finish it.  Then, at the class I can learn how to duplicate stitch his name on the top of it.
Goal: knit until I get stuck or finish all but duplicate stitch

I have more than half of the sweater knitting done.  Also, it will need to be seamed up and buttons sewn on.  This will probably fit him for the fall so the pressure is on!
Goal: Finish

I intended to upload all of the photos of my WIPs that I took this morning.  Unfortunately, as usual I can't find the camera cord.  Where does this thing go?  It is always missing.  I swear.   So, I'm going to post this and hopefully I will be editing it later with pics.

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Amanda said...

well, it's obvious what you must do: fake being sick until the olympics are over, so you can finish all of that knitting! :)