Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 14: Introducing My New Co-Host!

I hope you all enjoy my new co-host! The next episode will have more show and tell of finished objects! This episode was very impromptu--which seems to be the name of my game lately. lol

Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket -- my rav project page
Thank you Kurpitsa, Lovestocraft, and Plynn!!!

Preschool Teachers' Washcloths -- my rav project page

Friday, June 17, 2011


Since I haven't recorded a new podcast in about two months, I thought I would distract you with cuteness. :) I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Donations for Joplin Childcare Relief

Hello all!

I know knitters are a generous bunch so I wanted to be sure to pass along this information. I'm sure you have heard of the devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri. The Joplin YMCA is providing free child care to school age children. This is a vital service so the parents are able to recover from the devastation while knowing that their children are taken care of.

Our local Y is a drop spot for donating arts and crafts supplies to the Joplin Y's child care program. You can go to their website to find more specific information on donating. I was so happy to see the opportunity to donate arts and crafts supplies. We are on a tight budget, but we have brand new supplies that I was happy to donate. What a great way to cull the stash! I filled a garbage bag with kid-friendly yarn and my three year old son was happy to give a brand new box of crayons he hadn't opened yet. I always feel so helpless watching the devastation on tv and want to do something. It is a small gesture, but at least it is something.

Please pass along the link to the Y through your blogs, facebook pages, etc. The more people that know, the more these children will benefit! Thank you!!! :)