Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spending My Weekend at the Frog Pond

I finished my first toe-up Sock Candy sock last night. Much to my disappointment, the leg is HUGE. So, today I ripped out the top two inches which was where I ribbed. I then went down a needle size, decreased 7 stitches and knit much tighter. Still too big. I am planning on ripping it again, but I need a break from dealing with it. I think I will rip out the whole leg and decrease at the ankle. After I finished it the second time and tried it on, I decided that the whole leg is too big, not just the top of the leg. Live and learn, right? This is why I still have not cast on for my STR club pattern. Lots of people have had trouble with it, so I want to be able to do a basic toe-up pattern before attempting a difficult one.

Last night I spent about two hours in Borders looking through knitting books. I saw the new No Sheep for You by Amy Singer. I liked it. Very good information on all kinds of yarn. I also saw the DominiKNITrix book. Although I like the premise of it and there was excellent instruction for beginners, the patterns really didn't speak to me. I was looking for Last Minute Knitted Gifts because I really like the chevron scarf that everyone is making. But, they didn't have it. I ended up taking home Suss Cousins book on knitting for the home. I fell in love with this book. My friend is getting married in Key West in October and I am thinking of making the beautiful book for her guest book. I also think she would like the place mats.

Borders was having a special night for educators and all teachers got 25% off. When I checked out I was asked if I was an educator and I said, "I am a social worker" and the woman looked at me for a moment and said "close enough" with a smile. Works for me! :)


Anonymous said...

Every time I go to a book store and look at knitting books, I think I must purchase one or two. I have no self-control.

Holly Jo said...

I love the Suss Cousins books. Can't wait to see the placemats. :)

Key West? Bummer place to go for a wedding huh?