Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitting Knirvana

OK, so the name of my blog is "Knitting Knirvana", but I think I actually found it. Knitting Knirvana that is. The weekend knitting retreat was just that, Knitting Knirana.

The site was Wiawaka. A beautiful parcel of land nestled on the southern tip of Lake George. If you know anything about Lake George, you know it is an absolutely gorgeous setting. Wiawaka has a long, rich history. The Trask family set up the property to be used as a vacation spot for women working in textile mills in Troy and Cohoes. These women normally wouldn't be able to afford a vacation. Perfect setting for a women's knitting retreat for so many reasons.

Katherine Wardle was our organizer. This woman is amazing. She carefully planned every gourmet meal and various refreshments. Her cooking is amazing! She is a professional Chocolatier and supplied endless amounts of chocolates that you would have thought were bought at Godiva. Katherine brought out two-triple layer lime chiffon cakes for MaryBeth and my birthdays complete with candles and singing. She thought of literally everything to make our experience the best it could possibly be. She even brought her own Ott Lites for us to use!

The women were a very interesting and diverse bunch! I knew three other women from Saratoga Needle Arts' classes--MaryBeth, Jude, and Kathy. I was also looking forward to finally meeting Diana. Diana was my first ever blog commenter and encouraged me to move over to Blogger and really exercise my blogging muscle. Diana came with her friend Susan. MaryBeth, Jude, Diana, Susan and I spent most of the weekend together. We ate, enjoyed the scenery, belted out LOTS of old songs, cast on, ripped out, and even managed a little knitting. We laughed, and laughed, and tried not to pee our pants! We completely clicked and had such a good time together.

Susan casted on 541 stitches for a shawl. Twice. She was knitting along and realized that she made a mistake and she was better off ripping out and starting over. We all gasped and tried to reason with her that there must be another way to fix the mistake. She very bravely calmed us all down and started the ripping. And the casting on. We have challenged her to wear the shawl at the next retreat in September.

Diana made several attempts to knit a sweater from Knitty. Her printer cut off half of the pattern. So she called Mr. Effer and asked for his assistance in reading the pattern to her. Poor Mr. Effer was promised many things for his cooperation and I think he was just completely excited and distracted. He read the pattern wrong. Diana finally gave up on it Saturday night and resorted to sock knitting. Another highlight of the weekend is when a great big grasshopper landed on Diana's chest and stared up at her. Diana SCREAMED! MaryBeth, Susan, and I died in hysterics while Jude bravely removed the grasshopper. Oh, and Diana has a broken foot and was on Loritab. She used great concentration watching an ant for about 10 minutes. Loritab is fun stuff!

Jude, MaryBeth, and I knitted on Clapotis. I also started a Chevron Scarf and MaryBeth started a sweater for my baby.

One of my highlights of the weekend is when we all went down to the dock to watch the fireworks. We had it on good authority (from Joe that works at Wiawaka) that their would be fireworks on Saturday night at 9:30pm. The entire retreat gathered on the dock to watch the marvelous display. Let's just say that at about 9:45 we decided that Joe was sadly mistaken and started making jokes about the fireworks that weren't. I decided that it was all a scam and Joe was probably stealing all of our yarn while we waited for the fireworks.

The next day, Jude, MaryBeth and I met at Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe in Schenectady. One of the women that works at the store was at the retreat and she told us that the store was closing and everything is 50% off. I picked up Noro Kuyeon for two Booga Bags, Classic Elite Cotton for four baby hats from Itty Bitty Hats, and some Debbie Bliss yarn and books for baby clothes. What a sale!

The weekend was absolutely fabulous from Friday to Monday. I strongly recommend going again in September. I've already paid my deposit!!

PS I actually have some photos, but my computer isn't recognizing my camera. Man, why can't we all just get along!!


MaryBeth said...

Reading about the weekend had me laughing all over again. Poor Diana and the bugs. I will have you know that I have successfully drop 4 stitches on my Clapotis (on purpose), and Jude doubted that I would be able to with my twisted knitting that I do.

Can't wait for September! Wiawaka here we come!

Susan said...

Great retelling of our fabulous weekend! I'm counting the days until September AND the stitches in my shawl ... which I WILL be wearing when Joe takes us out on the pontoon. I plan to pose with the wind whipping my shawl out behind me (in my dreams). I'll be posting a progress photo this week on my blog.

SHOUT OUT TO MARYBETH: How's that new blog comin'???

Anonymous said...

I bet if we get enough liquor in Susan, she will stand at the front of the pontoon boat wearing only her underwear and the shawl!!

Everytime I think about Wiawaka I laugh my ass off. I had such a good time and it was great to meet you in person.

Knit-on, sista!