Friday, July 06, 2007


I have some more photos for you!!

I love how the daffodils are taking over one of our flower beds.

The raspberry plants are actually starting to produce. We were gifted them two years ago.

My husband has re-done our flowerbeds along our walkway. We bought pressure treated lumber which hasn't been installed yet because we need to borrow a saw that will cut all the way through them. He laid down this really cool recycled rubber mulch. It should last for years and years instead of having to be replaced every season. Plus it is good for the environment!

See the ceramic bunny? My mother-in-law gave me two that she made. Too cute!

Portia and Bentley want to remind you to take some time to sniff the flowers!

Lisa left a comment about my Chevron Scarf and picking colors. I looked at lots of scarves on blogs and flickr before making my choice. I found that light and dark combos seemed to work the best. The monsoon has a dark purple and dark green while the watermelon tourmaline has a light purple and a light green. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Portia and Bentley are beautiful. And of course, the ceramic bunny is adorable.

Lisa L said...

I started mine today after reading about yours - I put my progress up on my blog - I think the light and dark combo works well too! It is so hard to believe that putting together such different colors works so well!