Friday, February 09, 2007

My Beautiful Babies

This is Bentley curled up between Portia's feet in the morning sunlight on Christmas Eve. This is one of my absolutely favorite pictures and it is currently the wallpaper on our computer.
On Monday night I was going to audit a 2 hand 2 color class that I took last winter. I never finished the project and now I have forgotten the technique. By the end of my work day I was too tired and cranky and I just wanted to go home. I am hoping I can find the technique as a tutorial and refresh my memory.
On Wednesday night I took a class for a little felted purse called Gelato by Fiber Trends. I chose a lime green yarn in Cascade Pastaza and Donegal Tweed as the pattern calls for a double strand. The first 12 rows take some thinking and paying attention. I got through row 11 in class and last night started to finish the 12th row. My numbers just wouldn't work out and I had some wonky looking stitches. So, I ripped it all out and started again. I kept telling myself that I would felt it so it didn't really matter, but it kept bugging me. I think that now that I am a better knitter I don't mind ripping back as much because I know I am capable of having a very nice finished result. I just don't want to settle anymore. This is now my front-burner knitting project because my next class is in two weeks. I want to be as far along as I can get.
Yesterday I was talking to my friend that made her first scarf. She said that she blocked it and was thrilled with the results. She sounded pleasantly surprised by the effects of blocking. She talked about wanting to start another project and I offered to help her get started on Saturday. The really interesting thing she said was "When I am watching TV, I feel like I should be knitting something." Well ladies and gentlemen, I think we converted another one. Mwah!!

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