Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another New Knitter

I manage a group home for adult men with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Well, one of my guys asked me to teach him to knit. How could I resist??? So, Sunday we took a trip to Wally World and he purchased a set of aluminum needles and a skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease (thick&quick, of course). So we sat down yesterday and he carefully watched me knit a row and then I guided him through a row, then I knit a row, then he knit a row, and so on. He is making a scarf that is 12 stitches wide and when I left today he had about 8 rows. He has each of the steps down, but is struggling with putting the entire process together. Twice he has come to me while I was at my desk all concerned that he "ruined the whole thing". Luckily, they were both easy fixes and he hasn't dropped any stitches yet, however he did throw his knitting once. :) I knit continental and that is what I taught him, but I am thinking that maybe I should teach American because I think it takes less hand/finger dexterity. He is also a little frustrated with me that I don't have the time to sit and knit with him each day. Maybe American style will give him a little more confidence. We'll see.

Last Saturday my friend came over with her scarf that I helped her start last fall. She used white baby alpaca and did a beautiful job. She only had one obvious mistake and it was her first project. Very impressive! I taught her how to cast off and then tried to convince her that she is ready for a felted tote bag. She's not convinced. I'll keep working on her!

I took a class last week for making hats that were recently on the cover of Spin Off magazine. It is a felted hat with embroidery on it. I finished my hat and felted it. I used a little more than two skeins of Manos. I LOVE Manos. I've never used it before but I will use it again! I intended to make a cloche style which has a little brim that flares out a bit. I followed the pattern exactly, but it did not turn out as it should. The brim was a little too long and it didn't flare. Afterwards I realized that the brim should have been more stitches then the rest of the hat-although the pattern said that it is all the same. Odd. Well, "necessity is the mother of invention" so I decided to just flip the brim up and I think it looks darn cute! I blocked it over an upside down mixing bowl and it kept its shape. I did take some before pictures, but I am not going to take the after pictures until I take the embroidery class next Tuesday.

Tomorrow I am taking a class for knitting the log cabin blanket from Mason Dixon's book. I completed the first rectangle tonight. I chose Blue Sky Alpaca cotton in various off whites, beiges, and greens. I am making a very neutral baby blanket, with no particular baby in mind. Actually, I do have a baby in mind, but since it has yet to be conceived I probably shouldn't be knitting for it yet. ;)

This weekend my husband and I are going away. I CAN NOT WAIT! We did not give each other Christmas presents this year and planned this weekend instead. We will be spending two nights and three days in a small inn in the Adirondacks, with a king size bed, jacuzzi tub, and our very own fire place. I will be taking lots of knitting, a bottle of champagne, bubble bath, i-pod, and candles. Perfection!


Diana said...

Girl, you need to post pictures. We want to see the hat, etc.

I think after this weekend, you could probably start knitting that baby blanket... (grin) Have fun! I love the Adirondacks. Which Inn are you going to?

Jen said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend to me:)