Sunday, June 03, 2007


Yup, it is a new side effect of pregnancy. My emotions. Holy cow this is a roller coaster!

Thursday, I was so angry that I was literally shaking because of a VERY snarky and insulting email I received from someone that I work with. I called my supervisor in need of some advice on how to respond without sounding as furious as I felt. She offered me some great advice and then heaped on the compliments to convince me that this issue belongs to the other person, not me. I immediately turned into a weeping mess.

Friday, I had my second OB appointment. I heard the heartbeat. I can not even begin to put words to these emotions. I smiled as broad as my cheeks would let me while tears streamed down my face. My doctor said that she always loves to watch the mothers' faces at this moment, and mine did not disappoint.

Saturday, I was all upset with my husband and I can't even exactly figure out why. I just was. So, when I decided to tell him why I was upset with him and he tried to politely explain that it must be a misunderstanding because he did not see it the way I did. I burst into tears. I told him that I was really not this upset, it was the hormones, and left the room. He followed me, hugged me, and told me that this is supposed to be a happy time and I am doing a wonderful job managing pregnancy even though it is really difficult.

Sunday, I am thinking about the knitting retreat coming up and the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn that hasn't arrived yet. I am going to make a clapotis with a friend and I am thinking about what I will do if it doesn't arrive in time. I decide to log in and see if there is any shipping information. I am ecstatic to read that it arrived in my town this morning, so I should have it tomorrow.

I feel like I need to wear a sign around my neck that says, "Please plan on my emotions being completely out of sync with whatever else is happening. I apologize and I know it is a complete and total over reaction."

Now, I totally tear up as I proofread this post. I keep telling myself--at least the nausea is gone! :)


Holly Jo said...

My husband told me he could never tell from moment to moment what I was going to be like when I was pregnant. It was always a crap shoot - poor guy. :) I'd like to tell you it is going to get better, but I would be lying to you. :) Keep your chin up. You are working hard growing a wee one.

Anonymous said...

Or you could wear a T-shirt that says: Pregnant, leave me alone!!! LOL. Your emotions will calm down.

Lisa L said...

Oh do I remember those days! Of course, when the wee one is born it will be both you AND the baby crying ;-) Our husbands have to be full of patience! Can't wait to hear how the retreat goes!