Saturday, February 03, 2007

You Know You Buy Too Much Yarn When . . .

your LYS calls and asks what classes you would like to see on the spring class schedule. Yes, yes, it is true! So, here is my list Fiber Trends Clogs, Magic Loop, Clapotis from Knitty, Sheldon from Knitty, and Lizard's Ridge from Knitty. Most of these I could figure out on my own, but I really like taking classes for the community and the technical assistance. What else would you add to my list? I'm going to call back tomorrow.

Our weekend was WONDERFUL! We stayed at the Fern Lodge in the Adirondack's. They upgraded us to the best room since we had the whole place to ourselves for the weekend. It is without a doubt the best B&B or Inn that we have stayed in. AMAZING!

I know I need to post a ton of pictures. We got a new camera before Christmas and I haven't yet tried to download pics onto the computer. Let's see if I can motivate myself to figure it out tomorrow.

It is finally snowing in upstate NY and it is beautiful!


Lisa L said...

That is too funny! I just talked to Cindy yesterday - we're ordering Louet spinning wheels together! I've had a great time taking lessons from Lin of Saratoga Llamas!

Holly Jo said...

Glad you had a good weekend away - that's a long list. Good stuff to choose from.