Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Socktoberfest at Rhinebeck: Socks that Rock

Since I had such a hard time getting my pictures to upload, I have decided to break this into several segments. Here we go . . .

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. The colors of the leaves were gorgeous and the sun was shining through the leaves. It was cool enough to wear hand knits, but not so cold that we were freezing.

We made a b-line to building A: the infamous home of "The Fold". My husband was shocked at the incredibly long lines of women with their sock yarn. We decided to divide and conquer. My husband got in line and I politely excused myself through to the sock yarn. Several women commented about how brilliant I was to bring my own personal line holder. :)

I scored a beautiful skein of "Lucy" from Wendy Knits. I can already envision them in my brown birk-knockoffs. I just love the splash of blue with the earthy browns. It caught my eye before I realized the model of the great color combo.

"Dreidel" was my first selection. I like the yellows and the blues,which I think will be great in my butter crocs.

"X-mas Rocks" I am less sure of. I like the pinky orange that goes into the yellow. But, I am unsure how that is going to then blend into the green and red. I guess we will see how it knits up.

Apparently I had the holidays on my mind, because I bought 2 skiens of holiday yarn. Anyhoo.

I just love the combination of lime and purple. This is "Thistle" and it is "Sock Candy" which is a cotton sock yarn.

"Saratoga" was a HUGE score for me. I live a town over from Saratoga, which is a fabulous place. I have very fond memories of my grandparents, mother and I taking our breakfast to the track early in the morning during the month of August to watch the horses exercise. These colors are just perfect. Perfectly captured. They are the colors of the horses and the sunrise that I so fondly remember. It is amazing to me how this yarn transports me to that time of my life.

So, I initially found Dreidel, Xmas Rocks, and Thistle before finding my husband in line. He had befriended the woman in front of me and was shocked that I only brought back enough yarn for three pairs of socks. He encouraged me to go back and look again. I'm so glad he did because that was when I found Lucy and Saratoga.

He then suggested that I look around the rest of building A while he was in line. As I looped around again, he was waving his arms. He was all excited because he had heard from the women behind him in line that the "yarn bus" had been damaged in a tornado. For those of you who don't know, Flying Fingers in Irvington, NY would bus people up from NYC to shop in the yarn store. They have a bus with balls of yarn and knitting needles on the top of it. I'm telling you, it was unbelievable to see that thing flying up the Saw Mill! Anyhow, come to find out, my husband had been chatting up an employee of Flying Fingers. Too funny!


R2K said...

: )

Stacey said...

Wow! It looks like you got some great yarn! I also scored big at the STR booth: 4 skeins for myself in Lucy, Harlotty and 2 of Rhodonite to make some knee highs, 1 for my mom in Puck's Mischief, and 2 for a friend back home in Bleeding Hearts and Watermelon Tourmaline!

So sweet of your husband to come with you...it was great meeting you! Now I just need Cynthia to send me the picture of the two of us!

Holly Jo said...

You are one smart shopper with a very, very understanding husband. I am curious to see how the Lucy knits up - do you have plans for all that yarn?