Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh My Gawd!!!

OK. My husband (a.k.a. the enabler) was very concerned about Rhinebeck. Not for all of the typical reasons that the husband of a fiber obsessed woman might be concerned. But, for a very, very sweet reason. After like the millionth time I said "I'm sooo excited" while beaming and after the primer he received while driving to Rhinebeck about what is important and what we simply MUST find at Rhinebeck: he looks at me and says "I really hope it lives up to your expectations." Sweet. Seriously sweet.

It did. It truly, truly did live up to all of my extremely lofty expectations. I will blog more and have some yarn porn for you over the next couple days. I must now break out of my yarn hang-over and go get ready for work.

Thank you Rhinebeck!

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Lisa L said...

I totally agree - it was worth every minute! I may go and stay overnight next year! I've posted pictures and some exciting happenings on the blog! Can't wait to see your pictures!