Friday, October 13, 2006


This is my first ever pair of socks. Socktoberfest definitely inspired me to finish them! I took a class back in the spring and finally finished them this week. They are nice and warn and I wore them around the house all day today. Some more info about them are in the post a couple days ago talking all about our first pair of socks. The foot and heel are a little big, but other than that they are wonderful! They are a little oversized (size 6 needles) so I probably only wear them around the house or maybe in my crocs. Oh, and it was a flap heel, not short row. What do I know? I'ld love to learn the toe up method. I printed up Wendy's pattern and I might try it on my next pair if I am feeling especially adventurous. I would love to take a class on using magic loop or doing socks at once on a circular. Socks will be in my future!

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