Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Sock History

Lolly, our Socktober KAL host, asked about our sock history. I hope you enjoy reading mine.

When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?
I took a sock class last spring at my LYS.

What was your first pair?
We used the Knitting Pure & Simple pattern and I chose Mountain Colors yarn. It is a rather large sock and was knit on size 6 needles because it is a beginner pattern and yarn. I'm not sure if they will actually fit in shoes, or if they are just around the house type socks. I highly recommend this pattern and yarn for beginners.

How have they "held up" over time?
They have held up BEAUTIFULLY. Well, ya see, I completed one and just finished the heel on the second. I guess that should be goal number one for this month! :)

What would you have done differently?
Nothing! Everything is a learning experience. I think they are coming out pretty good. I can see one minor mistake on my first sock and, so far, I think my second sock is OK.

What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?
Well, I have only used one yarn. I have been adding to my sock stash though! I have more Mountain Colors. I have some cool pink and purple stuff, but I don't remember what kind it is. I also have some Wool in the Woods. I recently bought Opal on sale and some Lorna's Laces. As you can tell, I have big plans! I'ld LOVE to get my hands on some Koigu! I've never fondled it and I am dieing to! Do you think it will be at Rhinebeck? Ohhhh, I hope!

Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method?
I've never really crocheted anything. I've knit on DPNs and a little 12" circular needle on the leg and foot. I REALLY want to learn the 2 circulars and Magic Loop methods. My LYS had a Magic Loop class, but I was on vacation for part of it. They had a waiting list and did two more classes, and I couldn't do those either.

Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?)
I've only done short-row.

How many pairs have you made?
I would have to say I have made three quarters of a pair. :)

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