Saturday, October 14, 2006

My New Addiction

My husband and I had a little windfall and we each bought a new toy. My new toy is the video i-pod. I am loving it!

I commute at least 30 minutes each way and now Brenda Dane is accompanying me. As you may already know, she hosts the Cast-On podcast. It is WONDERFUL! My commute just flies, and I am actually driving slower, so I can spend more time commuting. Can you believe it? Spending more time commuting?

So, I started listening to them backwards, and now I am listening to some of the earlier ones fairly randomly. I am listening to the first episode of season two right now. The idea of muses and knitting is a great one, and I am glad Brenda is giving it some attention.

I love this time of year. It is just a little chilly. I have candles lit. There are fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on the table and a lasagna in the oven. My husband and father are finishing up their work days and should be here soon for dinner. It is nice to be Suzy Homemaker every once in awhile. :)


Lisa L said...

Hi! The knitting world is small! Are you going on the Rhinebeck trip next weekend? I'm going with my sister-in-law on the bus trip and can't wait! Do you live in Saratoga?
I went to Spa Catholic with Jill many many years ago and now my daughter goes there, so we always talk school talk when I go into the shop!

Lisa L said...

The colors of your bag are fantastic! I'll be sure to look for it tomorrow - can't wait! Let's hope all the rain comes today!