Friday, October 27, 2006

Rhinebeck: Part Two

Blogger has been having lots of brain farts lately. I tried to get in to approve comments and post again on Tuesday and Wednesday with no luck. Not really sure what was going on, but here we are.

This is my beautiful cashmere. Two whole onces! Isn't it gorgeous? It is labeled as taupe and the woman said that it is not dyed, but the natural color of the goat. The farm is in Maine. I'ld love to go visit. The pattern came free with purchase. I have not yet decided if I am going to use that pattern or find another, but either way I am making a scarf for myself.

On Wednesday night my mother and I took a class with Charlotte at AC Moore. My mom has been wanting to learn how to crochet jewelery. Two years ago she bought all sorts of supplies and a book and had great difficulty trying to teach herself. I asked at my local yarn shop if anyone could teach her and no one ever heard of it before. My mother tried several local bead shops with no luck. About a month ago she was at a craft fair and a woman was selling crocheted jewelery and she teaches classes! My mother called me and asked if I would go with her. I don't particularly enjoy crocheting and haven't tried in over a year. So, of course I agreed. *wink*

The class was great. You actually crochet wire into a chain and add beads with each stitch. Then you braid three chains together, add the clasp and you have a necklace. It is easier then I expected. I really struggled at first, but with our patient teacher I soon caught on. On our way out, we bought more supplies and are planning on scheduling time to make necklaces together. I am already starting to figure out who is getting them for Christmas. It is an excellent instant gratification project. We took a two hour class and left with a finished project. Amazing!

I have been listening to Brenda Dane's Cast On. I recently got an i-pod and discovered the wonderful world of knitting podcasts. Anyhoo, Brenda said in one of her podcasts that she only wears hand knit socks. All of her socks are hand knit. What a concept! I love that idea. So, with this in mind, I bought enough sock yarn at Rhinebeck to make ten pairs. I also have some sock yarn stashed. I understand that this is a rather lofty goal and it will take me forever to knit all these socks. I mean, like years. Given all that, I simply love the idea of a handknit wardrobe for my feet and someday I will have it! So Holly Jo, all that sock yarn is for socks. Exact patterns: yet to be determined. I have been staring at Wendy's toe up patterns. I want to use the toe up pattern with Sock Candy: Thistle. But, I am thinking about using some cheaper sock yarn for my first attempt. Decisions, decisions.

As Stacey and Holly Jo pointed out, my husband is both sweet and very, very understanding. He is really good about being supportive of my obsession, I mean hobby. The *only* thing that gets to him is when all of my yarn is around the house. I'll take out a project and start working on it, then another project, and another project . . . I'm sure you know the drill. So he has reason to complain. But, now we have worked out a solution. He doesn't even complain anymore! We have a designated place for all of my knitting things. So if my husband is getting annoyed, one day I'll come hiome from work and all of my knitting will be in its designated place behind a closed door and everyone is happy. That happened to all of my Rhinebeck yarn on Monday night. :)

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