Thursday, December 21, 2006


I have not been posting much because I have been feeling under the weather. I have a chronic health issue that usually appears about every three years for about a month. Basically I'm in pain, need to sleep a lot and take ibuprofen. Not a big deal, but puts a crimp in my style. Of course, the timing is annoying. Right in the middle of Christmas. So, I took today off from work and I don't go back until Tuesday. Actually, I told my supervisor and another person above me that I was considering taking today off depending on how I felt this morning. My supervisor told me to take it regardless and the other woman crossed my name off of the schedule. It is wonderful to feel supported! I slept nearly 14 hours last night, PURE BLISS!


Holly Jo said...

Hope you feel better soon! At least before Santa Claus comes. :)

Lisa L said...

Hope you feel better for Christmas! At least we're not being battered with snow like Colorado - although a little dusting at least would be nice!

Lisa L said...

Did you get my comment on being tagged?? I can't remember if I sent one this morning or not! Anyway, if I didn't, consider yourself TAGGED for the "6 Weird Things About Me" game. Check out my blog for the rules!