Monday, December 04, 2006

December WIP Update

So, here is my monthly WIP update . . .

Finished Objects:
My mom's Saratoga Shrug . . . FINALLY! I started this Christmas 2005 and gave it to her Thanksgiving 2006.
Easy Peasy Baby Hat . . . started and finished and given.

Actively Working On:
2 Socks on 2 Circs with Cherry Tree Hill Yarn . . .I'm on the toe decreases and should have them finished this week.
Toe Up Socks with Rock Candy . . . still on the foot of the first sock.
Malabrigo & Kid Mohair Ribbed Scarf . . .I cast this on Saturday 12/2 it is either for my mother or mother-in-law for Christmas. When I finish this one I will cast on a second one.

Haven't Touched (since last update):
baby sweater
cabled purse
illusion knitting tote bag
crocheted market bag
Lara sweater
2 hand 2 colored headband
cabled mittens
At some point I will finish Lara, the cabled purse, the mittens, and the baby sweater. The others, I'm not in love with so it will take FOREVER for me to finish them.

As I mentioned before, I am dieing to start that great big felted bag. It is a great stash buster! I haven't gotten the pattern yet, which is just as well because I have other priorities right now. I am also waiting for the next class list from my LYS. I heard that there will be a class for the Fiber Trends felted clogs. I have everything I need and I want to make them, so I will probably sign up for the class. I also want to cast on my Socks that Rock on 2 circs as soon as I finish this pair of socks. It is my goal to always have 2 socks on 2 circs going. I have a ton of sock yarn, and the only way I will ever knit it up is if I always have a pair on the needles. :)

I have been listening to Lime N Violet podcast rather obsessively. I had a bunch of mindless paperwork to do at work yesterday and I listened to 5 or 6 episodes in a row. Anyhoo, they have done this great holiday wish list to help the loved ones of the fiber obsessed. It is fab! Check it out!

Oh, and have you caught that Knitty Gritty is now on the Home & Garden network at 11am weekdays? Today is a holiday special. I DVRed it about half way through--ah well, at least I caught a little of it.

Off to decrease some toes . . .

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Holly Jo said...

"My Constant Companion" is a great pattern for a giant felted bag. I have made like 4 or 5 for various people.