Friday, April 17, 2009

FOs: Bunny and Chick

I simply love Susan B. Anderson.  Love, love, love.  So, as the mother of a toddler and lover of all things Susan B. Anderson does--I had absolutely no choice but to knit both the bunny and the chick for my son for Easter.

I really love my bunny.  It is pretty cute.  I would love to learn how to embroider for purposes just like this.  I totally winged it.

My chick looks a little . . . well . . . off.  I think it is the crooked beak.  And honestly, my son doesn't seem to really like it either.  I am always finding it behind a piece of furniture.  Oh well.  At least he likes the bunny.
These are easy, simple projects that could be done in a few uninterrupted hours.  The knitting skills needed are super basic.

For both projects my gauge is waaaaay too big for a stuffed animal.  If I ever do them again I would go down probably 3 or 4 needle sizes.  I did go down one needle size, but obviously it wasn't enough.   Also, my animals' heads are very small compared to the pictures on the pattern.  I followed the pattern for how many inches the head should be.  Of course since my gauge was so far off, the head is much smaller as compared to the body.

Why am I so opposed to gauge swatches?  I guess if I am going to make something that truly matters what my gauge is then I really need to do a gauge swatch.  Gauge isn't a four letter word!!! :)

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SO cute!