Monday, June 15, 2009


I can't believe how long it is has been since I last posted!  

Life got ridiculously busy for awhile there.  I have been making all sorts of great stuff though!

I have been working on my February Lady Sweater that I have wanted to make for forever.  

I am further along then the picture shows--about 5 repeats into the lace section.  And there is no shame in having markers every 7 stitches!!! :)

Here is my Baby Surprise Jacket with buttons, finally.  They are cute little sheep that I picked up from Rhinebeck.  I put basic plastic buttons on the back because the sheep are quite heavy.  I also single crocheted around the edge of the button holes because the sheep were getting caught.

I updated my WIPs and FOs on the side bar with Ravelry links in case you are so inclined.  I'll be back sooner then 2 months this time!! :)

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Holly Jo said...

That was my only complaint about garter stitch objects - they don't hold substantial buttons. ;) Like you single crochet.