Saturday, April 11, 2009

FO: Bunny Tail Hat

Here is yet another finished object!  Seriously, this is totally a record for me!! :)

This is the Bunny Tail Hat from Itty Bitty Hats.  Except, I did short ears like a bear and sans tail.  I made the 1-2 year size and it is quite big on my little guy.  I went down a needle size, but it is still too big.  I am sensing a theme here.  Are you? :)
Ravelry link here.  My little guy turned 16 months.  It is going too quick!!
I have yet another finished object to blog and I'll be finishing another one tonight.  Seriously, this is unbelievable!!


Holly Jo said...

Seriously cute! Hats on little kids are so adorable. :)

Are you checking gauge a couple inches into your hat? I mean, I know hats are small and are kind of silly for swatches, but if you are sensing a theme, you might want to. Though, better too big than too small when it comes to kids, huh? :) :)

adb said...

He's is the hat!
I commented on your comment on my blog about the hair. (did that make sense?) Stop back over and check it out.