Monday, November 20, 2006

My Other Craft

Last month I took a class and learned how to crochet with wire and beads. I made a necklace. Then, this month I learned to make earrings. My mother and I went to Bumble Beads in Ballston Spa and picked up a bunch of cool beads and stones. I matched the larger beads and stones to some little cheaper ones I had picked up at AC Moore and made a bunch of earrings.

Here are some really poorly lit pictures of my new craft. They look much better in person. It is a gloomy day and our house isn't very well lit to begin with. I really should re-take these pics with better light.

Some of the earrings I will keep and some I will give as Christmas presents. Decisions, decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

The blur earrings in the middle of the picture are my favorite.

Lisa L said...

Beautiful jewelry! I've done some beading, but not much - I find I concentrate so hard that I tend to hunch up my shoulders and get stiff! I'll stick with knitting! Happy Thanksgiving!