Sunday, November 19, 2006


My knitting mojo is back!

Last night I watched the movie Shop Girl and finished my mother's Saratoga Shrug. It was meant to be a late Christmas present last year. My mother chose her gift and the yarn and I intentionally started it after Christmas. I hated working with one of the yarns so it was put on the very back burner. Well, now it is DONE and my mom will get it on Thanksgiving! :) Yea! I'll ask her to pose for pictures, too!

Then, I picked up my toe-up, Sock Candy sock and knit some more while finishing the movie.

This morning I completed the second heel on my 2 socks on 2 needles Cherry Tree Hill socks from my sock class. Now I need to knit about 7-8 inches and have them ready for the toe decreases for the next class in two weeks.

It feels good to be a productive knitter again!! :)

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Lisa L said...

Congrats on getting "back on the horse!" Hope Bentley is out of the doghouse ;-)