Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thank You!

I have finished a project!!  YEA!!  I will attempt a photo shoot tomorrow.  Hopefully my model cooperates! :)

On the money front . . . my husband still hasn't produced the receipt for the groceries yesterday so I'm not sure of the exact total.  He also bout $20 in gas today.  After he told me, he quickly said "but the light was on!"  Yea, I guess that would be a good reason to get gas. :)

Thank you for my congratulations on losing weight! :)  I am currently 9 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.  That is very exciting!  I am starting to think about rewards for myself.  I want something to celebrate 50 pounds.  I have created my own system of what works for me.  I was thinking that I could share some things that are working for me in some blog posts.  

So, the first one is being really conscious about what I am eating and I what I am feeling.  This is sometimes easier said then done.  I have a toddler and anyone who has spent any time with toddlers knows that meal times can be interesting.  I also have two dogs and I can not tell you how much energy they consume while we are in the kitchen.  Whether it is needing to go out, needing to come in, begging London for food, eating the other dogs food, you get the idea.  Then of course, I'm trying to make food, clean up afterwards, do dishes, etc.  So, being really conscious of what I am eating and whether or not I should be eating isn't always easy.  It is easy to consume without even fully realizing what I am doing.  Also, I need to consciously think about if I am hungry.  Again, it is easier to pop a leftover graham cracker in my mouth then to put it away when my son has decided he doesn't want it.  I believe the first step is to be truly conscious and think about what I am doing.  Awareness.  It starts with awareness.

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