Sunday, February 01, 2009

Money Challenge

My husband and I are challenging ourselves to see how little we can spend during the month of February on our non-fixed expenses.  I aim for $125 a week on groceries (although I usually spend more) and we spend about $200 a month in gas.  Then of course there is a little bit here and a little bit there.  We do have Valentine's Day this month and a couple of all ready scheduled social engagements that we will be spending money on.  Also, I have been making an effort to buy more organic and hormone-free food.  So we will continue with these commitments.  I would like us to be more conscious of our spending and think about how to save ourselves money, but we won't be sacrificing other things that we value (eating healthy and spending time with family and friends).  I think blogging about it will help with accountability.  And who knows, maybe someone will join us in our challenge!

Today I spent $5.71 on lunch and $1.25 for tip for a total of $6.96 for the day.  My husband didn't spend anything today. 


adb said...

I'm with you on the money challenge! I really tried to be good during the month of January, but when my in-laws decided they wanted to start our back splash tiling project, we had to spend a a little more than we had expected/budgeted. I'm hoping that Feb. will be better!

Amanda said...

It's a challenge, but is fascinating to write down where every penny goes! I hope the month goes well!