Thursday, February 12, 2009

FO: Lunasea Leticia Hat

I swear my nose isn't really that crooked.  :)  This hat is a Valentine's Day present for my husband and I was afraid he would find the pic if I used the digital camera, so I used the handy little camera on the computer.

I used less than a skein of Leticia from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Lunasea.  I LOVE these colors.  The yarn is a slight thick and thin--but mostly thin.  I knit it on 10.5 dpns and it is my own design.  Quick, quick knit.  

I was thinking of making a cowl with the other skein of Lunasea in my stash.  Do men where cowls?  Nothing fancy-just a scarf substitute in stockinette.  Maybe I should ask him before taking a chance and making it.


Connie Weiss said...

I love it!

adb said...

i'm really trying to learn how to knit. i have to tell you, it isn't easy. i think i'm going good and then i hold up my 5 rows & it looks terrible. i think i need to go to a class or something! love the hat!!

Holly Jo said...

I am late commenting on it. I love the hate and agree the colors are fantastic.

Cowl for men. Hmmm. I would say ask UNLESS you would wear it in the possible event it wouldn't work out. Personally, I think cowls are way more practical than scarves and guys always seem to like practical.