Thursday, February 07, 2013

Episode 22: Warning Label


Color Affection by Veera Valimaki on size 3 needles.  Yarn is Miss Babs Yummy--Pewter, Clematis, and Ghoulish
I have one stripe of the third section left and then I'm on to the border!

Hibernating WIPS:

Mountain Colors Bearfoot, size 0 needles, Susan B Anderson's How I make my socks pattern.
My Mods are on my Ravelry project page.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Medium Weight
Seal Rock, size 2 needles, same pattern as above with my mods on my project page

Holiday Yarns Flock Sock in Black and Gold
size 0 needles, again variation on Susan's pattern
Any idea how to get this to stripe instead of pool?  I'm clueless!

Assorted Other Stuff:
Thinking about a sweater. Any sweaters that you are loving? I would love to hear about them!
Have you used boot toppers? Do you like them? Do you have a pattern recommendation?
Downton Abbey!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
Do you have any tv series recommendations?

Thank you!!! :)


Susan B. Anderson said...

thanks for keeping me company this morning while i worked:)

you're adorable!
xo, susie

Kepanie said...

What are London's school's allergy food policies? I forget most of the time when the girls have to bring snack or I make my husband go out an buy it. No nuts at our school. One friend, her son is at a school where he has to sit at a no nuts table! WTH w/that?
The green goes well w/the purple b/c it's calmed down by it. Tremendous progress on your Color Affection. That's fast in 2 weeks.
LOL, I love how you correct your own grammar. I so do that too b/c I'm so anal about it. How do you feel about all this shortcut slang ppl use on FB and such? Does it bug you as a writer?
I miss it when my girls used to take naps. Now their old mama has to take one now and then and I'm glaring at them while warning them beforehand to keep it down or else.
I usually have hat day if my hair's buggin' LOL :O).
It's those dang skinny needles. I wear TheraGloves when I craft now, especially when I hook. I have weak wrists and always try to check my knitting posture.