Sunday, January 22, 2012

Episode 18: Twice in a Month! :)

Can you believe it? Two episodes in a month! I hope you enjoy!! :)


Miss Julep said...

YAY for another episode!!I enjoyed this one so MUCH!

The granny square blanket for your son is WONDERFUL! Brilliant colors, I just love it. I also love your art yarn with the flowers and can't wait to see it made up.

Finally, the pastel picture of you and your husband touched me the most. Wow, what a special gift!! PLease show us a closeup as you get time. I would love to see it:)

Looking forward to the next episode.

sauceyjill said...

Lo0ve it! Thanks for posting another episode! I love the pictures after the podcast. They're great! You are so cute!

Sue said...

Aww that's sad your co-worker had to retire before she was ready. She's going to love that shawl. How sweet of you to make that for her.

MJ said...

Love the treat of getting to see you twice in a month!

she knits said...

So nice to see you suzanne, Love love love your podcasts :0)
I don't think I should tell you how many WIP's I have-lol
Love Mel x x

Kepanie said...

You are too cute, Suzanne.
That is a nice SW shawl. You are so thoughtful and sweet to gift it for your fellow churchwoman.
BTW, gift for you over at my blog.
You are SO patient! London's blanket is so awesome. I get anxious after 2 ft.
I can't wait to see you start Annika's. OMGosh! Mahalo for the shoutout! Love that you love Jojo's hexagon blankie. Yeah, the possibilities of color is endless.
You and Susan but you esp. have got me all hyped up about project bags, esp. after podcast #17. I'm hitting Stitches West this month and project bags are what I'm hunting for!
That is some cool sock yarn, yo. I favored it so I'll remember.
LOL! I like your expression about CO another new project.
That Pagewood Farms is very cool. I can't wait to see you work it up into a hat.
OMGOsh, that will be such a cute sweater for Annika in all those colors. Too sweet.