Sunday, July 17, 2011

Episode 15: Show and Tell

Lots to catch up on and show you!! :)


Lisa B. said...

It's so good to see you podcasting again, haphazardly or not! Your projects are amazing. I'm in awe that you get so much done with a newborn! :)

Kepanie said...

Ugh; thermal shutdown turned off everything and erased my comments before everything was done :O(.
LOL; age 3 can be the turn for selective tastes.
Love, love the cardi. The edge looks awesome still. Rae Lynne had some good video links for an i-cord edge. Will you handwash then b/c those look ceramic?
Cute set for Annika. What treasures she has from her mommy. Gotta keep those forever.
Great cowl earlier and what patience you have to make another Granny Square to sew on. I got anxious after 24 inches.
Great name for that yarn. Who could resist?!
Have you used that Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton Yarn before? I used it for a beanie and the beanie stretched out way too much from what my uncle told me.
That's how I pronounce Raili(Ra-li)'s name also. What a sweet cardi.
Cute hat. Love using other colors than pink. So much pink and so many shades.
I know, a baby's age and weather never coordinate.
What a vivid green yarn!
Yes, no worries. You have a newborn again and juggling two kids which changes the whole dynamic. Enough said.

Enid said...

lovely to see you again. I agree with Lisa B. shame we couldn't see the children before you signed off.

condolences on the loss of your nephew, also to his family.


Miss Julep said...

Wow! You are so productive! I really enjoyed seeing all of your projects and baby gifts but missed seeing Annika this time!!

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew. Condolences to you all!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you again. The cowl is so cute. I bet it will be toasty warm this winter.
I know I told you on Plurk but I was very sorry to hear about your nephew. :(