Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 13: Unorganized

Lots of show & tell of WIPs, FO, stash enhancement, shawl swap, and beautiful baby gifts.


Kepanie said...

Watchin' you through squinty, dialated eyes...
That was a cute ohana pic. You're ready to pop but darlin', we all look like that at the end.
Red looks great on you!
What a cute chunky Bunny hat! Looove it! Amazingly small; my gosh fits on your fist, hello! I always forget how small their heads are as newborns.
Good thinkin' on the modification to make it fit London! Smart cookie you are. Does he wear your hats? I put in all the work and time for my girls' Inca hats and do they wear them? No, the boogers.
Wowzers! Jo was small at birth b/c they took her out 10 days early and she was 6 lbs. when we left the hospital.
Love that watermelon lookin' yarns!
No stress over 'da vest, yeah? You'll be super busy w/baby girl and giving London some love, love.
I love love London's granny square blanket! I gave it mad props on my blog b/c it's something I want to make for my baby or my godson. Good thoughts on how to make it more blanket sized and shape. Mindless crochet, yeah when you're half awake?
My friend's 3 cm but no consistent contractions and her water's in tact.
I love the earthy colors of the log cabin blanket.
Awww...looove that Hello Baby Cardi! Great colorway. Can't wait to see the buttons! Who'd you buy them from?
Cute yarn! Amazing how the dyer is able to dye it so it stripes by itself!
I used to be against pink; my co-workers threw me a shower in lavender and green. After #1 was born, I gave in and thought she was too cute in pink.
What awesome baby handknits you received! What sweet, sweet ppl.
What a great edging on the shawl! I'll have to try a swap thing one day.

Marianne said...

Great episode, and I don't think you was unorganized at all! Just a comment about all the ends you talked about in a blanket. There is a possibility to fasten the threads as you go, did you know that? Here's a video with a tutorial :)

Good luck with everything in the future, you have a lot of good news in the next episode when that comes :D

Anonymous said...

Great episode! That Bunny hat is adorable!
Marianne, that link you posted is awesome! Thanks for that!

Enid said...

For an ''unorganised'' recording, I found it very well done.
The baby dress and cardigan are gorgeous, lovely colours, be great to see her wearing 'em.
If your contest is open to those not on Ravelry, I'd like to be considered for the shawl pattern, please.
best weishes for a safe and healthy delivery.xx

L said...

It was so wonderful to see you. I thought the show was great! I'll be thinking of you and hoping your little one will be here soon.

Doula Mommy said...

2 weeks? I'm jealous, lol! I've got about 11 or so more to least I've got knitting to keep me company, lol! Sending you positive labor vibes- I love reading Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth in my last few weeks of pregnancy, the birth stories are so amazing and empowering!
~Jessica, MonkeyButtBabies on Ravelry

Miss Julep said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of your projects and the wonderful baby gifts:) I didn't think you were disorganized at all. Best wishes on the birth of your daughter!

Enid said...

I have just watched 90%knitting's episode 14, and Lisa mentioned you gave birth on Monday, last. Congrats, and am looking forward to you being able to broadcast again, and maybe pics of the new babe