Monday, February 21, 2011

Knitting Knirvana Episode 11: Daybreak and My Quest for a Vest

I finished my shawl swap Daybreak by Steven West. ; Now, I'm trying to pick a vest pattern.


Miss Julep said...

I love how your Daybreak shawl turned out! So pretty.

Stefanie said...

What an interesting shawl and the concept! I'll need to make one of those later on this year.
I love my Knit Picks, blocking set that I had bought last year. It forces me to get offa my tuff and get crackin'. I have to tell you tho; threading the blocking wires through the edge of the shawl takes a looong time. I swear it took me at least a half an hour to forty minutes to thread the wires through my sil's Here Comes the Mara shawl.
I like that Montague vest. It could be made longer to be a long, open cardi.
I agree; one can get sooo sick of maternity clothes.
Good tip about using the search to find a project for stashed yarn.