Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knitting Knirvana Episode 9: It's A Long One!

I talk about my knitting goals for 2011, list my favorite video podcasts, and review my WIPs!

Video Podcasts:
Twisted Strands There are some f-bombs, so be careful where you watch. ;)

I'm not on iTunes yet. But when watching on blip, if you look in the lower right of the window there is an option to subscribe through iTunes.

Classy Pink Sweater Rav link
Swap Shawl Rav link
Granny Square Blanket yet to be started

2011 Goals
Home & Family--knitting from stash, knitting for the 4 of us, making what I really want to make!

Where you can find me . . .
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Joanne said...

I really like the new Blip TV format :) Another video podcast I like is Knit Views (

Miss Julep said...

I've been waiting for your next podcast:) This one was packed full of ideas and info. I love all of your projects! I especially love that you have a crochet project going in the "background". But beware as you might start crocheting more than you knit, ha ha, (ask me how I know).

Looking forward to your next episode.

Rae Lynne said...

Terrific episode - keep it up you beautiful lady, you!

Meliabella said...

Blip all the way! Loving your projects! Can't wait to see the granny squares!

Can't wait for the next episode! I love the longer ones... Just be careful of your volume... It was hard to hear you when you were chatting about the crochet colors. ;)

J.D. said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me and my podcast, Twisted Strands! I enjoy yours very much too!