Friday, October 22, 2010

Knitting Knirvana Video Podcast Episode #4 Part 2 Rhinebeck!

Here ya go---my Rhinebeck purchases and a quick run down of our day. I bought NO YARN! Can you believe it? I can't. :) Enjoy!! :)


Lisa L said...

Great videocast! I couldn't go to Rhinebeck this year, so it was fun to see your trip! I'm going to try try try to go next year and stay overnight with my sister-in-law and friend from work!

Miss Julep said...

LOVED this episode! Your books all look inspiring but the laptop bag pattern may just be my favorite, especially with the green straps.

Even though I have just had lunch, I am now strangely hungry for Kettle Corn & Moonpies:)

Oh & thanks for all of the Fall color in part 1 or this episode.

Marni, Robert, Zero, MaryJane and Grace said...

I can't believe you resisted buying yarn! :-)
Awesome- are you thinking about loading up to itunes?