Sunday, September 19, 2010

Knitting Knirvana Video Podcast Episode 2

The first video ends abruptly because I was over the 10 minute limit that YouTube has. Also, I had a hard time embedding the second part into this blog post directly from YouTube. So, I tried uploading it into Blogger. If it doesn't work, then just follow the link over to YouTube to view the second half. I'm still figuring all of this out. Thanks for your patience!!

Show Notes for Knitting Knirvana Episode 2 September 19, 2010

Thank you to SaucyJill, Susan B. Anderson, and deniknitter for spreading the word about my new video podcast!!!

Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson
Pumpkin Hat
Football Hat
Candy Cane Stripe Hat

Apple Hat from Spud Says!

Clapotis by Kate Gilbert from Knitty Fall 2004
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction in Puck’s Mischeif 2 skeins Rav link


sauceyjill said...

Awesome! Loved it! The glitch was totally cute!

Susan said...

What a great thing to wake up to this morning. Loved it. Love your clapotis and your swatch! I want to make a clapotis in fingering weight.

You are adorable and smart and full of good tips and ideas. The. Best. Keep it up.

susan b anderson

Anonymous said...

Hey Knitting Knirvana! Guess what? As I'm sitting here watching your podcast I'm knitting the pumpkin hat! I giggled when you brought it up. I'll be sure to secure the leaf, thanks so much for the tip.

I'm really enjoying the video podcast. Well done!

Kekumukula said...

Good tips in here. Love how you made the candy cane hat two ways; I esp. love the tri-colored one. It so rocks!
Scary about those bills!