Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day In My Life

My little guy is starting preschool next month. Just one morning a week for 2 hours. It will be the first time he has ever been in anyone's care other than family.
It is a VERY big deal for me . . . I mean him.
In some ways I am really looking forward to it and am excited about the next phase of his life. And in some ways I would like to hold on to my little guy and not let him grow up.

He needs a backpack and Kohl's is having big sales plus I got a coupon in the mail. So, this morning we picked out a really cool Cars backpack. Both Lightening McQueen and Mater are on it. Does it get any better than that??? Not when you are a car & truck obsessed little boy!

All of this came out of the garden today. That's a baby eggplant, a green pepper, and several tomatoes. That yellow tomato is actually a variety of a gold tomato. The garden is doing really well and I am very proud of my green thumb!

And tonight is my weekly Knit Knite where I'll continue working on my Citron. I'm almost done with section 4! I love this pattern and the yarn. I am thinking that some of my sock yarn may turn into a Citron or three.


sauceyjill said...

Love it! I caught my son flipping thru a Cars book at bedtime last night and "reading it", "Lightening McQueen is a very fast car..."

First days are always a big deal, that's what makes them special!

Love the Citron! Looks great!

Judi A. said...

You probably won't believe this, 'cuz I hardly do, but I never knew until just now that you have a blog! Must be this thick skull of mine....And you are a published writer! WoW!! The things one can learn when you pay attention. I will have to take the time later to read some of your articles. Your little guy is adorable. Love that curly hair peaking out beneath his hat. Hate to tell you, but they grow up all too fast! :-( My "baby" is now 38, with babies of his own - my only 3 grandchildren that you see in my profile picture - 6,7,& 9 years old. From Oct till Jan they will be 7,8,&9 - busy, busy household!! You are amazing, with all you do, and then you volunteered for extra! Sure wish we lived closer so I could help - and for lots of other reasons. You certainly must be a very special person. :-)