Tuesday, June 01, 2010

FO: Easter Duck Soup

OK, so this time my Duck Soup is REALLY finished. I did all of the knitting prior to Easter. Well, I finished it on Easter. But who's keeping track? Anyhow, I did everything but the closures. I even bought the buttons and totally stalled out on actually finishing it. Yea, I know. That is so unlike me. Ha! :)

I used leftover Socks that Rock (from Blue Moon Fiber Arts) from My February Lady Sweater to make the closures. The buttons are simple toggles from JoAnn's.

The closures are just i-cord and really simple. I did them while watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, which was awesome by the way. I loved it and hated it the whole time. Lots of action, but I often didn't like what was happening. Totally edge of my seat kind of tv. So, back to knitting. Duck Soup is done, done, done. Yea!

I totally love this pattern. It was a great knit. I knit the size 2/3 and I have a tall thin kid that is in size 2T. I think the shape is designed more for a chubbier child. So, if I had it to do over I might make the smaller size or use a lighter weight yarn. Hopefully it will fit next year. Yet another theme. My son's sweaters are always too big. Ah well, I try. But this time I actually checked gauge!! And it's still too big. Sigh.

Anyone else watching "Losing It with Jillian" tonight? I am totally looking forward to it! I am a huge "Biggest Loser" fan and can't wait to see the new show. It is on at 10pm tonight and I REALLY hope they move it to an earlier time slot after this week.

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